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Witnessing To A Jehovah’s Witness Part 3

God's Kingdom

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The Kingdom Of God

Today’s topic is one of my favorites to discuss when I’m conversing with JW’s. It’s about the Kingdom Of God. After all, when they are going door to door, it’s the Kingdom Of God that they believe they are preaching about. It’s their bread and butter. Surely, if that’s what they are known for, then they would have a good grasp of it right? Unfortunately they do not. Before we explain what exactly it is, and what it’s not, I’ll list some questions for you to ask them [A].

  • Do you believe Jesus is king?
  • Is he going to be king over the earth during the millennium?
  • Is the earth part of his kingdom?
  • Are there two kingdoms?

The first three questions they will answer yes, and the last one will be a no. After you ask them these questions, have them affirm if that is in fact what they believe. I say this because they will want to back out later. I’ll explain in a moment. Once they have committed, take them to John Chapter 3 where Jesus explains to Nicodemus that to see i. e. be in the Kingdom of God, you need to be born again; spirit regenerated [1]. Ask him/her if they are born again. Unless they are one of the “anointed” (144,000) the answer will be no [2]. Likely they will say that only the anointed are born again and that the Kingdom Of God is his government ruling from Heaven [3].  Remind them that since they already said the earth is part of the Kingdom Of God -non “anointed” JW’s hope to resurrect back to “paradise earth” after Armageddon in the 1000 year reign of Christ- and that according to Jesus, you must be born again to be in it, this includes them as well.

They may try and reiterate that the Kingdom Of God is only God’s government. At this point you’ll have to go to the Greek. It’s best if you have their Insight On The Scriptures book -if you don’t, any Greek lexicon will do, but there’s nothing quite as effective as them seeing what you’re about to show them, from their own book- so you can reference for them what the Kingdom Of God means in the Greek language. You’ll see that “The word rendered “kingdom” in the Christian Greek Scriptures is ba·si·lei´a, meaning “a kingdom, realm, the region or country governed by a king” [4]. Inform them that the Greek word for government is kuriotes [5] and it’s never applied to the phrase “Kingdom Of God” in the New Testament. It’s always basileia that is written there, which includes all of what you would expect of a kingdom; the land, subjects, rulers, reign, etc. The attempt may be made from different angles for them to reconcile the contrary teachings between what Jesus teaches and what the Watchtower says, but they are irreconcilable. Either they believe Jesus, or they believe the Watchtower. There’s no way around it.




(A) A special thanks to 21Crosscheck21 for showing me this.

1. (King James Version) John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

2. The reality is that their anointed are not born again either because:
A. they have a different gospel and B. they teach that man has no immortal soul in need of salvation. (1988 Watchtower April 1st pg.18)

3. 2009 Watchtower April 1st pg. 7.

4. 1988 Insight On The Scriptures pg. 159 [IMAGE]

5. Strongs G932 kuriotēs -rulers: – dominion, government.

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