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Who Sent the Star?

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[ Author: Deanna Hudson ]

The stars that shine

Ah…. Satan the Devil, ruler of the world and the one who causes the stars to shine. Sounds like blasphemy to me, but according to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, it’s all scripturally sound and, for lack of a better term, kosher, to teach such things. In an article Who Sent the “Star”? from the April 1st, 2012 edition of The Watchtower magazine, the following is quoted of the star of Bethlehem, pursued by three Magi in order to find where the prophesied Messiah was located:

“…. who sent that “star” to lead the astrologers? Religious leaders commonly teach that God sent the “star.” Did he really? Remember, the “star” did not first lead those astrologers to Bethlehem. Rather, it led them to King Herod in Jerusalem. They revealed Jesus’ existence to that jealous and powerful murderer and even gave him strong reason for hating the child who was to become “king of the Jews.” (Matthew 2:2) Craftily, Herod told them to report back to him on the precise location of this child, claiming that he wanted to honor it ……”

[Insert record scratch here] …. Yes, Baby Jesus, the awaited Messiah, the Son of God was just referred to as an “it” instead of ‘the baby’ or simply ‘Him’.  Anyways, picking back up and continuing on:

“….. The “star” then led the astrologers to Joseph and Mary. So the astrologers were on a course that would have doomed the young child had God not intervened. Happily, he did intervene. So enraged was Herod when the astrologers did not report back to him that he ordered all the male children two years of age and younger in and around Bethlehem to be killed.—Matthew 2:16.

Jehovah later referred to Jesus as ’my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.’ (Matthew 3:17) Consider: Would that loving, righteous Father select pagan astrologers—practicers of an occult art forbidden in his Law—as his messengers? (Deuteronomy 18:10)”

A means to an end

Let me think Watchtower. Do you perhaps mean how He had allowed other evil or idolatrous men to help fulfill His plan of the ages throughout the entire Old Testament? For example, how He allowed Joseph to be thrown into prison after being unjustly accused by the wife of Potiphar of rape, in order to eventually raise him up higher than any other man in the strongest empire in the world.

From those events, continuing on to save the entire Jewish nation in existence from a famine-stricken land? He used evil nations to serve as a warning to His people throughout the written history of the Old Testament. He allowed Cyrus the Great (who no doubt worshiped other gods, and had slain countless men in battles beforehand–totally against Watchtower practices and teachings) to be the chosen conqueror of Babylon, and set a plan into action to restore the promised land back to the Jews.

Here, the WTBTS poses a series of questions that was similar to a question posed by the prophet in the first chapter of Habakkuk, when he cried out to God and asked why He was using a people more evil than they themselves were to enact justice upon his nation. Quite honestly, the question has been asked by countless people throughout history, myself included. However, it is a question that highlights the weakness of our human flesh and lack of faith in the midst of difficult and confusing circumstances when we take our eyes off of our God in the heavens, and lose focus on who He is, and what He is capable of.

The question itself detracts from the sovereignty of an Almighty God when we try to understand the way He is working and weaving things together. It is generally a part of human nature to encounter questions such as these, I’ll give them that. However, the Society continues asking, then dogmatically responds (as they continually do) with the only answer they deem fit:

“Would he use a star to lead them to the most dangerous and powerful murderer in the land, bearing a message sure to inflame Herod’s jealous hatred? Would God then use the same star and astrologers to reveal the spot where his helpless son lay?”

You see, the WTBTS is good at smoke and mirrors, as are all false teachers. Here we see them pulling at heart strings and using human logic with these emotionally charged words. They continue on with their ‘illustrations’ inserting/asserting their opinions over what is actually written in scripture. But, as we are about to see, ‘professing to be wise, they have become fools’ yet again. (Romans 1:22) They continue on:

“To illustrate: A good military commander sends his best soldier on a dangerous mission into enemy territory. Would he reveal to the enemy where to find that soldier? Of course not! Likewise, Jehovah sent his Son to this dangerous world. Would He reveal to wicked King Herod where His Son lay as a defenseless child? Never!”

Unfortunately, here they have any unversed ‘Christian’ or non-believer playing right into their game of twisting scriptures and inventing unsound teachings. And now for their left hook….

“Who, then, sent the ’star’, or star-like object? Well, who had the greatest interest in seeing the child Jesus put to death, preventing him from growing up and fulfilling his mission on earth? Who seeks to mislead people and promotes lies, violence, and slaughter? Jesus himself identified the ’liar and the father of the lie,’ the one who ’was a manslayer when he began‘—Satan the Devil.—John 8:44.”

[Punch to the gut] Satan the Devil creates stars.

Thankfully, just as always, our sovereign Lord and God bobs and weaves exactly when and where He needs to. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Matthew penned the following words in the second chapter of his gospel of Jesus, our Savior. The three magi came to visit the Lord Jesus and inquired: “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw HIS STAR in the east and have come to worship Him.”


Thank you, Matthew. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Just as I suspected, Satan the Devil has been proven a liar, yet again and Your Word is Truth. For further references that YHWH alone, is Maker of the stars (and everything else) please see Psalm 33:6; John 1:3; Col 1:16; Heb. 1:10 and Isaiah 44:24


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