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Put Down Your Weapon 

Yesterday I opened up our Paltalk room for quite awhile, and though we had a pretty good crowd of folks (for the most part), I saw a prevailing theme that concerns me greatly. Infighting. Much of what was being spoken were tautologies. Unfortunately, Paltalk is known for this, where every Christian (hyperbole) is a theologian and if you disagree with them, you disagree with, the Bible. I’ve seen it over and over again in the past 5 or so years that I’ve been on Paltalk. Often it’s the Arminianism verses Calvinism debate, as was the case last night. Years ago I used to get into this particular debate but I don’t anymore, and for two main reasons. One is that I’m neither a Calvinist nor an Arminist. I think the extremes of both can be dangerous in my opinion. On the extremes, one side says God destined certain folks to Hell while the other says that the moment you sin, your salvation is in question. The second reason is that I don’t generally like to debate Christians.

I would rather put my focus and energy into reaching out to the lost rather than spending hours debating on how we are saved/justified, in front of non believers that are watching the “show”. Seeing such behavior reminded me of why -well one of the reasons why- that I never wanted to be a Christian in the first place. I’ve heard it been said, that the Christian army is the only army that shoots at its own. Sometimes I actually believe that, sadly. At times, it’s a little more than just iron sharpening iron. The constant bickering, whining, backstabbing, gossiping, etc wasn’t all that appealing to me. But to be fair, it would be a broad paintbrush stroke for me to say that this was everyone. We as Christians need to learn when to pick our battles (me included) and when to put down the sword. Yes, pride may get in the way and compel us to prove everyone wrong when we know “we’re right”, but perhaps it’s wise to resist that urge in the company of non believers. It might be a better idea to keep our contentions/disputes “in house”, and use our honed apologetics skills for those who need it most; the lost.

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