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The King James Bible Was Good Enough For Jesus

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The Word Of God

Occasionally I run into individuals that take the stance that the King James Bible is the only valid Bible out there. They act as if it’s the only “Word of God”; dictated word for word straight from Heaven. Some treat it as the hand picked Bible of Jesus. There are some major issues however with the camp of “King James Onlyists” (KJO hereafter). We’ll get into that and point out a handful in just a moment. Personally I have read the King James more than any other version -it’s what I was raised with- and I still read it when doing personal study/research; I use it to cross reference with the Strongs Concordance. Needless to say, I do like the KJV but I have not built my home in Kingjamesonlyland. Below are some reasons why:

Major Problems With King James Only Proponents

  • One of the most obvious flaws of the KJO worldview, is that they apparently haven’t taken into account all of the non English speakers in the world that can’t read English! If you can’t read English then you can’t read the KJV. So, do such people not have access to a valid Bible worth reading? Are they then not privy to know what God has spoken to mankind? My wife is not a native English speaker and has a heck of a time trying to read/understand the KJV.
  • The first edition of the King James came out in 1611. In the 100’s of years leading up to 1611 people had used other versions of the Bible such as the Tyndale Bible, Geneva Bible etc. It seems odd to take the stance that there was no valid Bible until this time. Most KJO probably wouldn’t say that but given their position, they are in fact saying this.
  • The King James has 7 editions or has been “refined by fire seven times” as I have heard it said. I’m curious of which of the 7 is the valid version. What gives KJO the confidence that there won’t be an 8th edition?
  • Contrary to popular belief, the King James does in fact have errors in it. It’s usually the KJO that are quick to point out the errors in other translations, but theirs has them too! From my research the errors are minor (and are insignificant in my opinion) but nevertheless they are there. We can point out the most famous one, the Johannine Comma, but there’s one I found in the first chapter of Genesis that I would like us to examine. In Genesis 1:21 it talks about God creating the great “whales”. The Hebrew word for whales in this passage is “tannı̂yn H8577” which means dragon or serpent. As we all know, a whale is not a reptile but a mammal.
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