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The Grim Reaper And The Silver Cord

Grim Reaper

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Out Of The Body 

I have spent some considerable time studying the “Near Death Experience” phenomena and found an interesting detail to this experience. Before I get into this, I’ll lay out a disclaimer. If you’re a monist, then this article won’t be much of use to you. But if you are, and believe that there is the physical part of us and the immaterial us (a soul/spirit), then you might find this interesting. In a reoccurring theme from people that describe their “NDE”, I have heard them speak of a cord that is somehow attached to them when they leave their body. I was talking to Jim Wilhelmsen on the phone some time back about NDEs as well as Out Of Body Experiences or OBEs. He directed me to an interesting passage of scripture in Ecclesiastes (emphasis mine):

(BBE) Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 Before ever the silver cord is cut, or the vessel of gold is broken, or the pot is broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the water-hole; And the dust goes back to the earth as it was, and the spirit goes back to God who gave it.

He informed me that the passage is talking about death, and if you pay close attention to the phrase “the dust goes back to the earth”, you’ll see that’s talking about us. [1] Jim explained to me that when a person has an OBE or NDE, and though they may be close to death -especially in the case of an NDE- their soul/spirit is still attached to the body through a lifeline so to speak. And when that lifeline (silver cord) is severed, at that point is the soul completely separated from the body and death occurs. It’s an interesting idea for sure but I had to put it on my shelf it for awhile. If we were to read Exodus, we’ll see the account where there was death or a destroyer that killed every firstborn of the Egyptians that didn’t apply blood on both sides of the door post and on the top of it. [2] This account, is where the term “Passover” came from. In the “Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible”, we read that he calls this agent of death the destroying angel. I have read from other sources that say the same thing. So it appears that God in times past has used a death angel -if we can call it that- of sorts to carry out his purpose. Bring in the Grim Reaper. Most of us have heard of him and his “tool of the trade”, the sickle. It is my thought, that when we die, God has a death agent that -with his sickle- he cuts our silver cord when it’s our time to leave this earth.




1. (King James Version) Job 34:15

2. (King James Version) Exodus 12:23

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