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Who Sent the Star?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

[ Author: Deanna Hudson ]

The stars that shine

Ah…. Satan the Devil, ruler of the world and the one who causes the stars to shine. Sounds like blasphemy to me, but according to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, it’s all scripturally sound and, for lack of a better term, kosher, to teach such things. In an article Who Sent the “Star”? from the April 1st, 2012 edition of The Watchtower magazine, the following is quoted of the star of Bethlehem, pursued by three Magi in order to find where the prophesied Messiah was located:
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Salvation: How is it Found?

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[ Author: Sally Peterson ]

How is salvation found? By means of faith or by means of an organization? The Watchtower teaches that one must be a member of the organization to be saved from Armageddon. Where is this found in Scripture?
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A Question that Works with Jehovah’s Witnesses

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[ Author: Sally Peterson ]

Want to get a Jehovah’s Witness to listen instead of argue? There’s a simple way to do that: ask questions. Ask the right question and you’ll get his or her wheels spinning. Ask the wrong question and it’ll end up in a game of Bible ping pong that quickly goes nowhere.

How do I know this? Simple. I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 16 years, for starters. And I was asked this question while I was door knocking full time. It worked on me, and it can work for you too!

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A Jehovah’s Witness Encounter: Do You Have a Bible?

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[ Author: Rich Christian ]

A New Strategy

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to Jehovah’s Witnesses in person so when an opportunity presented itself recently, I took it.

I spotted one of those now famous JW carts that they’ve been lugging around for the past few years, it almost seems that they’re tired of going door to door as of late. Why walk around tirelessly knocking on doors covering territory, when you can plop a mobile cart anywhere, kick back, relax–sometimes at the beach, ya I’ve seen them chilling, catching some sun–and have people come to you! It’s a great strategy.
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God’s Nickname Is Jehovah?


Photo Attribution: Wikipedia

Getting back on the horse

It’s been awhile but I started studying with a Jehovah’s Witness again, and I’m going through the “Bible Teach” book with. In our last study, my JW conductor emphatically told me that God’s name, is Jehovah. I asked him what language this name is in; originally that is. (I wanted to tell him it’s a hybrid Latin name but refrained) He said he didn’t know but actually admitted it’s fairly close to the divine name “YHWH”–which is the Hebrew, the tetragrammaton–but that it isn’t his exact name. Of course this an important name according to the Watchtower, they say:
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The Watchtower Hides Pedophiles: Call The Police? (Video)

Download the letter spoken of in the video:

PDF: http://jwsurvey.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2012-October-1-BOE-Child-Abuse.pdf
Text: http://www.silentlambs.org/BOEABUSE.htm

Razor Swift – Watchtower Pedophilia With Guest: William H. Bowen

William H. Bowen is the National Director of Silentlambs Inc., a child abuse awareness organization that assists with Jehovah’s Witness victims of abuse. Silentlambs is an internationally known organization that educates the public and media on the practices of JWs and how it relates to abuse issues. William has appeared as an expert on VH1 The Life of Michael Jackson, Dateline, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, CNN with Connie Chung, and the New York Times. He will share some of these heart wrenching abuse scandals with us. We will be live Wednesday October 17th at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern.

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