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A Rabbi Defines The Trinity

What Is God's Name?

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What’s In A Word?

The use of the word “Elohim” for God has been hotly debated for centuries concerning the Trinity. To be fair, it has also been used of angels and false deities (including wood, stone, and gold idols etc) as well, so its use and meaning is defined by its context. I was reading through Genesis One the other day and found an interesting commentary concerning Elohim (emphasis mine):

An eminent Jewish rabbi, Simeon ben Joachi, in his comment on the sixth section of Leviticus, has these remarkable words: “Come and see the mystery of the word Elohim; there are three degrees, and each degree by itself alone, and yet notwithstanding they are all one, and joined together in one, and are not divided from each other.” See Ainsworth. He must be strangely prejudiced indeed who cannot see that the doctrine of a Trinity, and of a Trinity in unity, is expressed in the above words. [1]

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Analogy Problem Solving Regarding The Trinity

Great Trinity Analogy

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A Unique Definition

In one’s quest to try and explain the Trinity, the attempt is often followed by an analogy. Some may feel that none are suffice and will be happy to just say that it’s a mystery, that none can comprehend. Since the Trinity is unique in the universe (concerning one being in three persons) how could we make an accurate comparison anyways? Though I would agree that no one can fully understand God and his triunity of being, that doesn’t mean we can’t have any grasp of it at all. With prayer and study, I’m confident that God will give us the clarity we desire.

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On The Deity Of Christ: Research Versus Revelation

The Trinity

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Who Is Jesus?

One of the more popular debates among Christians and unbelievers, is the topic of the Trinity and the nature of Christ. If you were to read the various religious blogs, forums, chatrooms, networking sites (such as Facebook) you’ll see this being discussed frequently, and oftentimes in a heated manner. In fact, this topic seems to be what some people mainly want to discuss, and from my experience, often from non Christians that are on the attack.  You will see a lot of proof texting rebuttals; citing the Biblical languages, referencing dictionaries and lexicons from both parties. There can be no doubt that knowing who the eternal God is, makes all the difference in our quest for truth.

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