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The Anthropic Principal Is The Extraordinary Evidence For God (Video)

Description: Given the probability of chance for the hundreds of fine tuning examples in the universe, the better answer is that a fine tuner tuned the tunings rather than chance or accident.


Moon Dust Proves A Young Earth? Dr. Hugh Ross Says No. (Video)

Description: Dr. Hugh Ross explains why the “moon dust argument” from Young Earth Creationists is not valid.


Bats Aren’t Bugs!! (They’re Not Birds Either)

by Greg West

My all-time favorite comic strip is Calvin and Hobbes. Although its original run lasted less than ten years and the author retired from drawing the strip in 1995, it still remains one of the most popular and most read. One common recurring theme in the strip is about how Calvin’s overactive imagination and his propensity to procrastinate in doing his homework often gets him in trouble at school, as is the case with his assignment to do an oral report on bats.

Thinking himself already an expert on the subject of bats, Calvin waits until the last minute to throw something together for his report. Expecting to dazzle his teacher and fellow students with his impressive knowledge, Calvin begins his report in front of the class:

“Dusk! With a creepy tingling sensation, you hear the fluttering of leathery wings! BATS! With glowing red eyes and glistening fangs, these unspeakable giant bugs drop into…”

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What The Bible Says: Morality Versus Mechanics

A Car For Transportation

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How To Get Home

On occasion I have various individuals ask me why the Bible is not more scientific, and some would dare say, it’s not at all. However, there are numerous scientists that would disagree that the Bible is silent on science. In reality, the Bible spoke about various aspects of stars, cosmic darkness, animal husbandry, farming, medicine, sanitation, meteorology, and tectonics well before the scientific community caught up to it. [1] Over 2700 years ago the Bible declared that the universe is expanding, thus describing the Big Bang. [2] There are many other scientific accuracies in the Bible that we can cite [3], but what we have mentioned will be suffice for now. Even if we were to give a list of hundreds of factual claims, it’s my suspicion that the hardened skeptic wouldn’t blink an eye anyways.

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