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Will The JW Other Sheep Miss The Anointed? (Video)


The Cross Of Jesus: What He Carried To Golgotha

Jesus Carrying A Cross

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To a Christian the importance of the cross cannot be overstated. Without Jesus dying for our sins -and his resurrection, thus defeating death and Hell- our faith would be utterly worthless. To us, it’s the ultimate symbol of victory making it possible for one to be reconciled back to God. To the Jehovah’s Witnesses however, it’s an offensive symbol used in phallic worship [1]. The reference from the previous sentence however is not an accurate explanation coming from the Watchtower Society [2]. Regardless of where the cross originated from, what it was used for -whether in pagan ceremonies or worship etc- the point of today’s article is to examine what kind of cross that Jesus carried, and was subsequently crucified on.

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The Watchtower Society: 144K Fulfillment By The Numbers

It Doesn’t Add Up

John 14:2 In my Fathers house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you…”

Unlike Christianity who teach that all Christians go to Heaven, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society currently teach that Heaven is reserved only for the 144,000 which are also known as the “Anointed Class”[1]. They also teach that the choosing of this heavenly class began in the year 33 A. D. and ended in the year 1935 [2], until recently. From the inception of the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society -who were called “Bible Students” upon their founding, their name changed in 1931 to Jehovah’s Witnesses- to the year1935, they claimed to have had 52,465 memorial partakers [3]. The calculations (below) are based on the 1935 numbers given by the Watchtower.

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It Took The WBTS Decades To Figure Out When Jesus’ Presence Happened (Video)


The Watchtower Says Jesus Was Prayed To (Video)


JF Rutherford Affirms Jesus Is God (Video)


The Watchtower Denies John 3:3 (Video)


The Watchtower Misquotes The Ante Nicene Fathers

Trinity Symbol

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The Denial That God Is A Trinity

It’s no secret that the Watchtower Society strongly opposes the doctrine of the Trinity. This subject is generally the most debated topic amongst Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this post I’m not looking to prove the Trinity, but I would like to show the Society’s willingness to misquote the Anti-Nicene Fathers to support their cause of Arianism. They purposely misquoted not just them but other sources in their 1989 “Should You Believe in the Trinity” book. Everyone knew that the fix was in once they provided quotes while leaving out the references e.g. page number, date of book, etc to their sources. In some cases they didn’t even name their source at all! Before I continue, I would also like to bring to your attention two other important issues within this publication.

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The Watchtower Lied About 1914

The King Is Ruling On The Throne

Of the many dates that the Watchtower has used in their bizarre chronologies, none stick out further -or are as important to a Jehovah’s Witness- than the year 1914. In a nutshell, they believe that Jesus has been invisibly present since 1914 and started ruling as king. Yes, it apparently took him quite awhile to achieve this status since his resurrection 2000 years ago. For an in depth look at how they got this doctrine, check out this great article by “JW Facts” on it. What I want us to zero in on, is a claim that they have made concerning this date. In 1993 they said (emphasis mine): “Jehovah’s Witnesses have consistently shown from the Scriptures that the year 1914 marked the beginning of this world’s time of the end and that “the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men” has drawn near.” [1] They had made a similar claim earlier in the same year (1993 Watchtower January 15th), that Jesus’ presence began in 1914 [2], effectively winding the time clock of the end.

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Yet Another Jehovah’s Witness Encounter

Raining Outside

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Sharing The Son In The Rain

Despite the rain outside–I usually don’t walk in the rain–I decided to go for a walk today. I had plans to walk a couple of miles but towards the end of my second lap (2 of 4) I ran into a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I saw them in the distance and I prayed for God to open up a door for me to talk to them. I lost track of what house they went to and just about gave up on looking for them but I finally spotted them. They were standing at a white house talking to the people inside. I slowed my pace down just a little bit so I wouldn’t pass them but I tried not to be too obvious. Just as I was about to pass the house, they turned around and immediately flagged me down to give me an Awake Magazine. Perfect “timing”.

They were two elderly ladies and were very sweet. Without being too invasive I asked them some questions about their joining of the Watchtower. One of them was very quiet but the other was rather talkative. She told me that she was raised a Catholic and left the religion because of her rejection of eternal Hell. I was tempted to debate her on this but I refrained in doing so and only asked a few general probing questions. She told me that a loving God would not punish people forever. I asked her that since “God’s ways are above our ways, can we fully know what God would and would not do?” After all, God created angels without a redemption plan for them unlike us. He made it all, he can do as he pleases whether we like it or not. Tough pill to swallow yet reality. I asked her if she could give me more information on Hell. She got my number and address to set up a Bible study. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. For you Christians that are reading this, I ask for your prayers that as I take on a new “Bible Study” (it’s been awhile with the JWs) I’ll be able to share the real Jesus and the real gospel with them. I’ll keep you updated, and perhaps I’ll record it. Stay tuned.

Update: It’s July 30 today and they never did call me. I guess I’m blacklisted by now but I’m really not surprised though.

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