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A Skeptic’s Guide To The Supernatural

Why Do You Question?

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The Debunking Usually Goes Like This:

1. If A Photo Was Shown – It was photoshopped.

2. When A Video Is Provided – It’s edited, not an authentic video.

3. Isolated Witness Testimony With Corresponding Data Presented – It’s those vulnerable individuals who are influenced by tradition of mythos and folklore.

4. Multiple Eyewitness Accounts That Were Simultaneous  – Delusional subjects and mass hysteria.

5. All Four Conditions Occur Appeals to “Naturalism In The Gaps” are asserted…denial, denial, and denial!

The Grim Reaper And The Silver Cord

Grim Reaper

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Out Of The Body 

I have spent some considerable time studying the “Near Death Experience” phenomena and found an interesting detail to this experience. Before I get into this, I’ll lay out a disclaimer. If you’re a monist, then this article won’t be much of use to you. But if you are, and believe that there is the physical part of us and the immaterial us (a soul/spirit), then you might find this interesting. In a reoccurring theme from people that describe their “NDE”, I have heard them speak of a cord that is somehow attached to them when they leave their body. I was talking to Jim Wilhelmsen on the phone some time back about NDEs as well as Out Of Body Experiences or OBEs. He directed me to an interesting passage of scripture in Ecclesiastes (emphasis mine):

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