What Naaman can Teach Us about Grace and Faith

Photo Credit: freebibleimages.org

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ]

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Naaman in the Bible, here’s a brief introduction: He was a Syrian general (an enemy of Israel!) who had leprosy. His Israelite maidservant suggested that the prophet Elisha could heal him, so Naaman went to him.

Elisha wouldn’t even come out to meet him but instead sent a message by his servant, telling Naaman that he needed to dip himself seven times in the Jordan River to be healed. Angered – by Elisha’s not coming to meet him and also that there were rivers that were just as good in his homeland – Naaman left in a huff. One of his servants advised him to do what Elisha had said, reminding him that had Elisha demanded Naaman perform some great act of conquest, Naaman would have done his best to do it, to rid himself of his leprosy, so how much more ought he to do this little thing?

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