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The Anthropic Principal Is The Extraordinary Evidence For God (Video)

Description: Given the probability of chance for the hundreds of fine tuning examples in the universe, the better answer is that a fine tuner tuned the tunings rather than chance or accident.


Genesis 6 Sons Of God: Sethite View Objections And Answers

The Nephilim

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The Fallen Ones

Though I don’t agree with the “Sons of Seth” (SOS view hereafter) explanation of who the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6 were -it’s the teaching that the Sons Of God were the godly lines of Seth, mere men- but I feel it’s necessary to discuss it. This article will be a quick overview to some of the SOS people, and their rebuttals to those that take the Sons of God (AOG view hereafter) as being angels. Keep in mind that not everything I cite will be the unanimous view of all the proponents of the SOS view, but I’ll include some of the various arguments/rebuttals that I have read on websites, seen in videos and experienced in debates etc.

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A Rabbi Defines The Trinity

What Is God's Name?

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What’s In A Word?

The use of the word “Elohim” for God has been hotly debated for centuries concerning the Trinity. To be fair, it has also been used of angels and false deities (including wood, stone, and gold idols etc) as well, so its use and meaning is defined by its context. I was reading through Genesis One the other day and found an interesting commentary concerning Elohim (emphasis mine):

An eminent Jewish rabbi, Simeon ben Joachi, in his comment on the sixth section of Leviticus, has these remarkable words: “Come and see the mystery of the word Elohim; there are three degrees, and each degree by itself alone, and yet notwithstanding they are all one, and joined together in one, and are not divided from each other.” See Ainsworth. He must be strangely prejudiced indeed who cannot see that the doctrine of a Trinity, and of a Trinity in unity, is expressed in the above words. [1]

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The Age Of The Earth: Literal Days Or Metaphorical?

Around The Globe

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The Great Debate

The interpretation of the days of Genesis One has for the past two thousand years been of much curiosity to Christians. Some have said it is difficult, perhaps impossible to think -let alone explain in words- what they mean. [1] It seems that the majority of Christians believe that the only way to look at the six days of creation, as literal twenty four hour days and nothing else. Unfortunately, this view has so permeated the culture that if you believe anything other than this interpretation, you are viewed as a liberal Christian who has not much regard for the Bible. Even worse, is the charge from some that you are not even a Christian at all if you do not take this view! Little do people realize, is that there are multiple views of what the days of Genesis One mean, and some of the points of these views have merit and credibility. The list below is a quick summary of four views of the creation days, including the most common “Calendar Day” view. [2]

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A Snake In The Garden Of Eden?

Snake In The Garden

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It’s Not What You Think

Oftentimes, I hear mentioned that the serpent in Genesis 3 is merely a talking snake, that, somehow Lucifer spoke though (ventriloquism?), or it was actually him in the form of a slithery snake, something along these lines. After all, some Bible translations do in fact say snake and is mentioned as being more subtle or crafty than any beast of the field. The vernacular seemingly alludes to just another animal in the garden that’s just a little bit more clever than the others. Is this the case though?

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