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The Flood Of Noah And Why It Happened

The Deluge

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Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel

The Garden Of Eden Revisited

In order to understand the reason for the flood of Noah, I believe it’s rather important to first start in the passage above. This pronouncement from God to the serpent (the nachash i. e. Satan) and Eve, is missed by many people. When Eve was beguiled by the nachash, by eating the forbidden fruit, this set and wound the clock towards the eradication of all evil in the universe. People generally assert that evil entered into the world with Adam and Eve disobeying God, but don’t usually recognize that a deceiver [1] was already moving freely throughout the garden before they fell! It is not the purpose of this article to describe all the effects of the fall in the garden, but one major change was that sin entered into the DNA of mankind. And at that point, they/we needed a savior.

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The Virgin Mary Apparitions: Are They Heaven Sent?

Mary The Virgin

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Innocent Christian Devotion Or Something Else?

What really disturbs me within the Catholic faith is that millions of Catholics worldwide are giving much time in devotion to the various Marian apparition and it’s messages. Today’s article will be a short examination of why I believe these apparitions are fully demonic. [1] Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel wrote in his book A Still Small Voice (pg. 50) that various locutions “may be the work of Satan”. A locution is a paranormal experience where the recipient hears a voice but it’s not audible. Many visionaries of the Marian apparitions have this phenomenon happen to them; exactly in the same manner of those that have had “alien” encounters and/or abductions. It’s my position that it’s the same agents of deception but with minor variations. It’s also well known that the apparitions appear with physical characteristics of the country where she presents herself to (The Great Crusade of Love, Message number CL – given on January 25, 1996). I would not trust a shape shifting apparition.

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