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Mormon Problems with other Sheep

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[ Author: Kathy Petersen ]

The Book of Mormon (BOM) claims to be an account of a group of Jews who left Jerusalem around 600 BC and made their way to the Americas. They lived there, separated from the Israelites in the Middle East and grew into a large population before they finally died out around 400 AD. During this time, the BOM claims that the people had prophets to whom God revealed all sorts of things about the future Messiah. It further claims that at some point soon after Jesus’ resurrection, He also appeared to these people for a short period of time and set up a Church complete with apostles, etc.

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Razor Swift – The Deeper Waters of Apologetics With Nick Peters

Deeper Waters

Nick Peters joins me on the show to discuss what he does at his apologetics ministry “Deeper Waters”;  including a focus on the real battles that he believes that our culture is fighting today, and where we are being distracted from them. Nick is a Christian apologist living in the Corryton Tennessee area just outside of Knoxville. He’s the social media and communications expert for Ratio Christi, the ministry partner of J. P. Holding of Tekton Apologetics Ministries. He and his wife Allie have been married for over two years and both of them have Asperger’s as well. Nick is currently preparing work on his Master’s in New Testament focusing on the question of miracles. We will be LIVE! Wednesday October 24th at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern.

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Razor Swift – “Balancing Reason With Dunamis” Pastor Duke Taber

Christianity is not a spectator sport, Pastor Duke will share how everyone who is a follower of Christ, is called to be a disciple that not only speaks the words of Jesus, but is also a doer of them. Such action is not just for “professionals” within the five fold ministry. We will be live this Wednesday October 3rd at 3 pm Pacific, 4 pm Mountain, 5 pm Central, 6 pm Eastern.

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Razor Swift – “Arguing With Friends” With Paul Buller

Engineer, apologist and author of the new book “Arguing With Friends”, Paul Buller, will be discussing the various aspects of evangelism and discipleship. His practical tips on how to have meaningful discussions in a cogent and thoughtful manner, will help you to confidently reach out to nonbelievers, but doing so respectfully so friendships are maintained or strengthened. We will be live this Wednesday September 19th at 4:30 pm Pacific, 5:30 pm Mountain, 6:30 pm Central, 7:30 pm Eastern.

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Harvest Crusade With Greg Laurie At Angel Stadium

Harvest CrusadeI went with my wife and her friend (and her friend) to my first Harvest Crusade in Anaheim last night. It was a pleasure to hear Greg Laurie live and in person, as my wife and I have listened to him on the radio for quite some time now. It was a rather impressive showing with many enthusiastic worshipers entering in to the music of Third Day, Gungor, and David Crowder.


A 180 Turn Around

Greg told us the story of how, as a rebellious teenager, he thought that there was no way he would ever become a Christian. Especially in high school since that would be “social suicide”, he conveyed. But, to make a long story short he went to a meeting of his peers -who happened to be Christians, he was a causal bystander- and at the end was convicted that he was at enmity with God, and thus became born again. What stood out most to me in his message is when he said that sometimes to figure out what is right, you have to first figure out what is wrong. I can relate to that entirely as for many years I was doing all the wrong things, perhaps subconsciously checking off the list of things that I should not do. I was the one who had to do to know “X, Y, and Z” was not a good idea i. e. sin though such understanding took years for realization, rather than just someone telling me so. Yes, for me, I knew a lot of the wrong first before I could even conceive to the right.

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