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What is Faith?

By: Faithful Thinkers

So many times I have heard people say that faith is believing something despite evidence against it. I have heard skeptics of Christianity deride faith based on this, and I have heard Christians claim a higher level of spirituality because they possess this kind of faith. But is this what faith really is? Let’s look at it a little more closely.

When Person A states that they have faith in Person B, they are stating that they trust Person B. Since trust is the issue here, let’s focus on that. In order for Person A to trust, there must be a foundation for that trust. Usually, Person B has established in the past that they are trustworthy (usually by verification of the truth of claims and/or following through with promises). Also Person B knows something that Person A does not know. In order for trust to be exercised, there must be a foundation to establish trust, and something that is unknown to justify acting upon the foundation of the person’s trustworthiness.

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Can God Do Everything?

God Moving A Rock

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Within the Christian faith we affirm that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. I believe it’s safe to say that if God was not all of these qualities, then he just wouldn’t be the eternal God of the universe. We affirm that he is outside of time, space, matter, and energy. So with that, he’s not limited by any of these properties; he has no such constraints regarding this. I sometimes hear Christians say that God can do everything, and scripture seems to confirm this. In Luke 1:37 it says: For with God nothing shall be impossible. In Revelation 19:6 it affirms that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. There’s that word “omnipotent” again.

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Bats Aren’t Bugs!! (They’re Not Birds Either)

by Greg West

My all-time favorite comic strip is Calvin and Hobbes. Although its original run lasted less than ten years and the author retired from drawing the strip in 1995, it still remains one of the most popular and most read. One common recurring theme in the strip is about how Calvin’s overactive imagination and his propensity to procrastinate in doing his homework often gets him in trouble at school, as is the case with his assignment to do an oral report on bats.

Thinking himself already an expert on the subject of bats, Calvin waits until the last minute to throw something together for his report. Expecting to dazzle his teacher and fellow students with his impressive knowledge, Calvin begins his report in front of the class:

“Dusk! With a creepy tingling sensation, you hear the fluttering of leathery wings! BATS! With glowing red eyes and glistening fangs, these unspeakable giant bugs drop into…”

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Atheist’s Appeal To Emotion: The Cruel Old Testament God (Video)

Description: This seems to be a trend where atheists use the “cruel God” of the Old Testament in a cumulative case to show that that God couldn’t possibly exist. I have had atheists flat out tell me that these “atrocities” prove that he is not real…their words, not mine.


Jesus Chose The WBTS In 1919 (Video)

Description: The Watchtower Bible And Tract Society has for many decades asserted that God has chosen their organization to be his representatives on earth. In this video we examine some of their various teachings (up to 1919 when they were said to be chosen) to see if this could possibly be so.

Jehovah’s Witnesses On The Worship Of Jesus Part 3

Was Jesus Worshipped?

What Is Worship?

In the final installment of this series, we have just a few more Watchtower publications to examine. We could bring up many more to support our case, but that will not be needed. It is true that the Watchtower does indeed say it’s a fact that Jesus is worshipped. [1] In this publication they are again referring to the word “proskuneō “, that they themselves used to translate as worship. We talked about this in part two. What I find interesting is that nowhere (that I’m aware of) in their latest New World Translation do they translate this word as worship when it’s applied to Jesus, but every time it’s spoken of concerning the Father, it’s translated as worship. On the next page they say that proskuneō  (referencing Matthew 4:10) with a particular attitude of heart and mind, should only be directed towards God. [2]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses On The Worship Of Jesus Part 2

Jesus Is Worshipped

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Make Up Your Mind

The Watchtower’s transition away from the worship of Jesus has been an interesting (awkward) one to be sure. It took them quite a few decades to walk their way out of the teaching; as can be witnessed in their publications. In their first edition of the New World Translation in Matthew 15:9 [1], they translate “sebomai” [2] as paying respect. In the 1961 NWT they translate it as worship. In the first edition of the Kingdom Interlinear Translation “KIT” they translate it -under the Greek section- as “they are revering me” while in the English parallel it’s translated as worship. [3] Their latest version of the NWT (1984) keeps it as worship. It seems that they couldn’t make up their mind on how to translate this word which means religious worship.

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