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Two Quick Angel Stories

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[ Author: Rich Christian ]

A Strange Sensation

I have a couple of interesting accounts that will hopefully encourage some of you who are Christians.

My wife was relaying a story to me that her friend told her recently. Her friend’s father passed away a couple of years ago (cancer) and the events surrounding his passing, were interesting.
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The Flood Of Noah And Why It Happened

The Deluge

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Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel

The Garden Of Eden Revisited

In order to understand the reason for the flood of Noah, I believe it’s rather important to first start in the passage above. This pronouncement from God to the serpent (the nachash i. e. Satan) and Eve, is missed by many people. When Eve was beguiled by the nachash, by eating the forbidden fruit, this set and wound the clock towards the eradication of all evil in the universe. People generally assert that evil entered into the world with Adam and Eve disobeying God, but don’t usually recognize that a deceiver [1] was already moving freely throughout the garden before they fell! It is not the purpose of this article to describe all the effects of the fall in the garden, but one major change was that sin entered into the DNA of mankind. And at that point, they/we needed a savior.

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Genesis 6 Sons Of God: Sethite View Objections And Answers

The Nephilim

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The Fallen Ones

Though I don’t agree with the “Sons of Seth” (SOS view hereafter) explanation of who the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6 were -it’s the teaching that the Sons Of God were the godly lines of Seth, mere men- but I feel it’s necessary to discuss it. This article will be a quick overview to some of the SOS people, and their rebuttals to those that take the Sons of God (AOG view hereafter) as being angels. Keep in mind that not everything I cite will be the unanimous view of all the proponents of the SOS view, but I’ll include some of the various arguments/rebuttals that I have read on websites, seen in videos and experienced in debates etc.

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The First Vision Of Joseph Smith

First Vision Of Joseph Smith

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How It Started: The Beginning 

If you have ever accepted a Bible study with a Mormon, you undoubtedly have been encouraged to “bear witness” to the truth of the Book of Mormon and ultimately the Mormon faith. One of the most common ways people engage in such a study is to give a barrage of contradictions in the “BOM” countered by the Bible, or show some contradictions to their other “standard works”, but for now we’ll just address the first vision by Joseph Smith. This vision is what started the whole movement to the Mormon faith after all. According to Mormon Apostle John A. Widtsoe “the First Vision of 1820 is of first importance in the history of Joseph Smith. Upon its reality rest the truth and value of his subsequent work” [1].

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