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Paradox Class with Hugh Ross and Default Atheists

School is in Session

My wife and I had the pleasure of going to the Sunday school class of Dr. Hugh Ross (1) last week. (2) I used to go several years ago, but had to stop going because life simply got in the way. For now, we do plan on going when he’s in town, which doesn’t seem that often, unfortunately. On a quick side note, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Ross on the Frank Sontag show the next day!
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A Skeptic’s Guide To The Supernatural

Why Do You Question?

Photo Attribution: Wikipedia

The Debunking Usually Goes Like This:

1. If A Photo Was Shown – It was photoshopped.

2. When A Video Is Provided – It’s edited, not an authentic video.

3. Isolated Witness Testimony With Corresponding Data Presented – It’s those vulnerable individuals who are influenced by tradition of mythos and folklore.

4. Multiple Eyewitness Accounts That Were Simultaneous  – Delusional subjects and mass hysteria.

5. All Four Conditions Occur Appeals to “Naturalism In The Gaps” are asserted…denial, denial, and denial!

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