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Deconstructing the Modern-day Mormon Defense of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] If you spend any time talking with Mormons, the topic of Joseph Smith (hereafter “JS”) and polygamy is sure to come up. There are a few ways they deal with it:

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Does the Bible teach that Jesus is the Last Prophet?

  [ Author: Kathy Petersen ] What not to use Often in LDS groups, Christians will quote Hebrews and claim that this means that Christ is the last prophet: (KJV) Hebrews 1:1-2 “God, who at sundry times and in divers … Continue reading

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Is It Hateful to Critique Religious Groups?

[ Author: Rich Christian ] Thou shalt not bear false witness If you have spent a decent amount of time doing counter-cult ministry, it is quite likely that you have been accused of hate, slander, or other charges. To be … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Teach Polygamy? Check the Context

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Keep it all in context We’re probably all aware that when someone (particularly a non-Christian) claims that the Bible says X, that we need to read the cited verse in context to make sure that … Continue reading

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Mormon Problems With Other Sheep

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] The Book of Mormon (BOM) claims to be an account of a group of Jews who left Jerusalem around 600 BC and made their way to the Americas. They lived there, separated from the Israelites … Continue reading

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