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Timothy McGrew Lecture: Who Wrote the Gospels?

I’ve often seen people challenge the authorship of the gospels and I found a superb lecture on the traditional view of this. This is lecture one in a series done by Dr. Timothy McGrew, who is a philosophy teacher at Western Michigan University. In it, he gives various angles on why the the gospels really aren’t from anonymous sources as charged, he cites internal and external evidence, which includes “hostile” witnesses, writings from early Christians etc. On the Apologetics 3:15 website, you can find more information on this. Enjoy!

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Two Quick Angel Stories

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A Strange Sensation

I have a couple of interesting accounts that will hopefully encourage some of you who are Christians.

My wife was relaying a story to me that her friend told her recently. Her friend’s father passed away a couple of years ago (cancer) and the events surrounding his passing, were interesting.
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The Witch of Endor: Samuel or a Demon?

Witch of Endor

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Conjuring up the dead?

Here’s an interesting passage in 1 Samuel 28 (1) that I’d like us to look at today, the story of the witch of Endor. (Make sure to read this passage carefully before you continue reading) Years ago, I took the common position that this account, was of a witch conjuring up a demon. After-all, people can’t conjure up the dead, right? Well, kinda sorta. Before we get into this particular text, I’d like us to look at another passage in Deuteronomy.
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The Bible Has 400,000 Errors?

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Does Inspiration Necessitate Dictation?

Once upon a time, I was one of those Christians that looked at the Bible the way a Muslim does the Qur’an. What I mean by that, is that I believed the Bible, down to every last letter, was without error. Muslims are taught that all of the manuscripts are the same–without variation. This is how I approached the Bible too, I think that being a King James Onlyist had much to do with it. (Note)
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Razor Swift – “Balancing Reason With Dunamis” Pastor Duke Taber

Christianity is not a spectator sport, Pastor Duke will share how everyone who is a follower of Christ, is called to be a disciple that not only speaks the words of Jesus, but is also a doer of them. Such action is not just for “professionals” within the five fold ministry. We will be live this Wednesday October 3rd at 3 pm Pacific, 4 pm Mountain, 5 pm Central, 6 pm Eastern.

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