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Top 10 Scriptures Jehovah’s Witnesses Disagree With

[ Author: Sally Peterson ] Many people are not aware that Jehovah’s Witnesses actually disagree with the Scriptures. The key is knowing which Scriptures. Please realize, a Jehovah’s Witness will never say they disagree with the Bible. They actually don’t … Continue reading

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The sufficiency of Christ

[ Author: Danny Cooper ] The apostle Paul was hurting, we are not told how, why, or what the problem was but in 2 Corinthians 12, verses 7-9 Paul said the following; “ So to keep me from becoming conceited because … Continue reading

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Why Wasn’t Jesus Named Emmanuel Instead?

[ Author: Rich Christian ] There’s No Cause for Concern Recently in one of our Facebook groups, the question was asked: “Why was Jesus [sic] name Jesus rather than Emmanuel [sic]?”. This person also wondered, that because Jesus wasn’t actually … Continue reading

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Scripture Squatters and Claim Jumping Christians

[ Author: Laura Rupers ] Before government land offices were established, many early American settlers were squatters who set up farms on land that they did not own. Later settlers, known as claim jumpers, tried to take the squatters’ land … Continue reading

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Salvation: How is it Found?

[ Author: Sally Peterson ] How is salvation found? By means of faith or by means of an organization? The Watchtower teaches that one must be a member of the organization to be saved from Armageddon. Where is this found … Continue reading

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