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Two or Three Witnesses — The Strength of Multiple Testimonies

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Decades before ultrasound technology became available and commonly used for discovering the sex of the baby before birth, there was a doctor who was quite famous locally for having 100% accuracy in predicting the sex … Continue reading

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Know Thy “Enemy” Well

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] When you’re dealing with a particular type of non-Christian belief (whether atheism, Islam, Hinduism, or anything else – including those religions that claim to be Christian, but are quite unorthodox), you must invest the time … Continue reading

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Tension and a Tightrope

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Only apparent contradictions Some Biblical passages may be difficult to understand or explain, or even seem to contradict other passages. Sometimes, scholars may say that there is “tension” in the text – and the way … Continue reading

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Willful Ignorance and Without Excuse

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Discussing Bible passages with Mormons is always an interesting experience. If you’re unfamiliar with Mormons, they consider the Bible to be Scripture and the Word of God, but only “so far as it is translated … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Knowing what to engage Approaching any new field of apologetics can be intimidating, because until you’ve been thinking about and discussing an issue for some time (whether a single issue like abortion or an entire … Continue reading

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