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Ezekiel’s “Two Sticks” Explained

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] Reading into the text Because Mormonism is supposed to be based on the Bible, Mormons need to see themselves, their beliefs and the Book of Mormon in the Bible, particularly prophesied in the Bible. One … Continue reading

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So, About That Two Witness Rule….

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] The Bible repeatedly makes the point that a person is not to be condemned by only one witness, but at least two or three witnesses are required in order to convict someone of something. This … Continue reading

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The Rich Man, Lazarus and LDS Proxy Baptism

[ Author: Kathy Petersen ] While LDS claim to believe the Bible (as far as it is translated correctly, according to the eighth Article of Faith), many of their beliefs actually do not accord well with what the Bible says. … Continue reading

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Doctrines Don’t Save, Only Jesus Saves

[ Author: Sally Peterson ] In search of freedom Long after a Jehovah’s Witness leaves the Watchtower organization, he or she may still cling to many of their false teachings, believing them to be true. This was certainly true in … Continue reading

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Sharing the Gospel with a Jehovah’s Witness

[ Author: Sally Peterson ] You might be surprised to find out just how many Jehovah’s Witnesses have never heard the gospel message. Instead of arguing doctrines with them, how about sharing the gospel? How about asking them what their … Continue reading

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