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Are Atheists Free Thinkers?

What Is Free Thinking?

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Close Minded Yet Open Skepticism

I frequently hear Atheists proclaim how they are free thinkers and those of faith are just drones, bound to the close mindedness of religion. Though I will concede to their point to an extent -as I have heard Theists of all kinds blindly spewing regurgitated information (even data that’s been adequately refuted) with adamant dogmatism- however this broad paintbrush stroke is not warranted as a whole. I’m not writing today to prove if Theism, and more specifically Christianity, is open or closed minded but I’m here to show that Atheists are not quite the free thinkers they “think” they are.

Their default position on the world, the universe, and how things got here and are sustained, comes from a mere naturalism presupposition. Any position other than that (religious or otherwise) stays at the gate of their “knowledge filter” and will not be welcomed into the fortress that they vehemently defend. Moreover, they volley arrows from their wall of defense at those from another kingdom of thought that hope for an open dialogue. After all, they are there to defend the only reality in the world, science. So out of the 1000’s of religions that speak on how we got here, why the world is the way it is, what makes us who we are etc, any of these answers are automatically deemed false by Atheism since it’s open minded to only naturalism. Even when Theism has a better answer -say for instance, a causal agent that created the first cause of the universe rather than creation creating itself- for a number of life’s questions, these are automatically wrong though their presumptive answer(s) is/are less compelling.

It seems odd that by merely accepting documented scientific facts (barring of course hypotheses which nevertheless demand a natural explanation) this is used as “evidence” of being open, while the acceptance of these facts do not require one to be open minded at all, but merely an affirmation of such! Again, I do understand that their primary proclamation of open mindedness is that they don’t rely on/need religion or God to tell them what’s truth, moral, etc. But here’s the dilemma, on the other side of the fence they strictly rely on science, nature, materialism etc to tell them these very things. I would put this in the “calling the kettle black” scenario. In reality they are saying, choose any color you wish as long as it’s black.

Disclaimer: This article is not speaking of the philosophic “Free Thinker” (hence the lack of capitalization that I used) but merely those that think they are “free to think” about (or believe) anything, based on a true open mindedness to find truth, from whence it comes.

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