Rebecca Nielsen Healing Testimony

My daughter was being seen at a doctor’s appointment when she was 5 years old. One of the doctors noticed that I was showing symptoms of Graves’ Disease. I then had to have a nuclear image done to evaluate my thyroid to make sure that that diagnosis was correct. That along with blood work confirmed that I had Graves disease.

That was in 1979-1980. I didn’t have insurance that would cover the cost of surgery but in 1992 I had insurance. After seeing a surgeon and the tests were repeated, again I was positive for Graves disease. Surgery was planned for Monday, I called my pastor, and spoke with him about the upcoming surgery

I asked if he would lay hands and pray for me, Sunday following that call the pastor explained the situation to the Southern Baptist Church I attended, I was anointed with oil the pastor along with many church members laid Hands and prayers for healing were said.

When I reported to the hospital the next day, they again took blood… I no longer had any sign of Graves disease nor have I since. I was healed completely.

I’ve been seeing my doctor for more than 17 years now, she regularly checks my blood levels at least every 3 months I have not had any sign of Graves disease.

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