Interesting Questions to Ask Jehovah’s Witnesses

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[ Author: Sally Peterson ]

Do you ever wish you could just ask a Jehovah’s Witness a question, whether at their literature cart, or when they appear unexpectedly at your door, and just leave them dumbfounded and unable to answer? Do you ever wish you could ask a question, leave them speechless and just walk away? Maybe you’re not as familiar with the Scriptures as you’d like to be, or maybe you don’t feel qualified to engage in a long debate with them. Maybe you don’t have the time and would rather not, but still would really like to say something. If you know even a few of their teachings, you can confidently ask these questions, and watch what happens.

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As you are probably aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses have a long list of rules they are required to obey or risk getting thrown out and being shunned. These lend themselves to the perfect questions to ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses. What could be easier? Why do you believe this? Where is it in the Bible? Easy peasy. A word of warning: This is sarcastic in nature, if you have any hope of talking to them again, this is not the method I would recommend. Nonetheless, it could put a pebble in their shoe.

  1. Where does the Bible say placing magazines is pleasing to God?
  2. Where does the Bible say counting time, or reporting time is required by God?
  3. If Jehovah knows everything, why doesn’t He know how much time you spend placing magazines?
  4. Where does Jesus mention the overlapping generations? I can’t find this in my Bible, can you help me? (You can use Matt. 24:34 to refute this)
  5. Where does the Bible say the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is God’s Organization?
  6. Where does the Bible say obedience to the Organization is pleasing to God? (You can use Jeremiah 17:5, and Psalms 146:3 to refute this)
  7. Where does the Bible say tight pants is displeasing to God?  (In 2014 Anthony Morris III, a member of the Jehovah’s Witness’s Governing Body, went on a rant against “tight pants”, you can see this on Youtube)
  8. Can you please show me where the Bible says 1914?
  9. Where does Jehovah tell us He disapproves of beards?
  10. What must I do to be saved? (Expect deer in the headlights, along with a long-convoluted explanation)
  11. Have you heard of the Australia Royal Commission? Geoffrey Jackson (Governing body member testified, surely the organization wants you to know what he said?
  12. Why is the Watchtower only publishing 6 magazines a year now, when the end is so close, whereas years ago they published 52 magazines each year? Aren’t you going to run out of “spiritual food”? What will you place when you go out door knocking?
  13. Do Jehovah’s Witnesses shun? (Their website says no, the 2016 convention was all about shunning, often they deny this)
  14. What is “theocratic warfare”? Isn’t that just another name for lying?
  15. Is the Watchtower Organization God? If not, why does the Watchtower say to leave the organization is to leave Jehovah God?
  16. Is the Watchtower inspired? (The Watchtower admitted it is not inspired 1 and does make mistakes, yet also claims to be “led” or “directed” by Holy Spirit, which is it?)


1. “The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in doctrinal matters or in organizational direction.” —The Watchtower—Study Edition, February 2017 p. 24

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