Sally Peterson Healing Testimony – Ex-Jehovah’s Witness

I was sucked into the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1976. By the Lord’s grace I was saved just 3 years later after crying out and begging for a relationship with God (I had come to the realization that Jesus was more than a mere angel). Despite that, I didn’t leave the organization for another thirteen years. Although they were heart-breaking years, the experiences I endured have helped me reach many Jehovah’s Witnesses as I speak to them on Facebook.

Holding onto old beliefs

Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught and believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as miraculous healings ended when the last of the Apostle’s died. Even after leaving the Watchtower Organization, as a typical Ex-Jehovah’s Witness, I still held to many of their beliefs, including the mistaken belief that miraculous healings no longer take place. I’m sharing this so that those who leave the Watchtower will come to know how wrong this teaching is. The Lord has miraculously healed me five times.

I was incorrectly diagnosed with depression in the 1980’s. Sadly, in those years, the Watchtower organization strongly discouraged seeking professional help. Elder’s had the mistaken idea if we just “pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps” we could just miraculously get better. Or if we got busy either pioneering or helping build a kingdom hall, the depression would magically disappear. At times I was given the sage advice, “If you had enough faith in the paradise earth, you wouldn’t be depressed.”

Decades later I was correctly diagnosed with bi-polar depression, and some years after that, also diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. Now they say it typically takes six years to correctly diagnose bi-polar, 1 and another ten to find the right concoction of drugs to treat it, 2 as each patient responds differently. As the medical field wasn’t helping, and I was suffering intensely, I saw no alternative but to cry out to God. What else could I do? I started weeping and wailing, asking God to heal me circa 1989.

After being disfellowshipped on false charges, and being reinstated two years later, the scales fell from my eyes, I saw the hypocrisy, and walked away in 1992/1993. I was angry with God for many years, asking, “How could You let me be deceived by the Watchtower? You knew I was searching for You!” The doctors couldn’t find the right mix of medications for me, and I attempted suicide every year for more than ten years, winding up in various psychiatric hospitals each time.

One day, I came to hear from the Lord, “Look! I have come to heal you.” Since I didn’t believe in miraculous healings, I couldn’t believe it. I argued with the Lord. “What? But miracles don’t happen anymore! They ended in the days of the Apostle’s!” I waited for an answer, or an explanation. Silence. I couldn’t stop wondering about what the Lord had said. Could this really happen? Maybe I was crazy and talking to myself? I was filled with wonder, and my hopes started to soar.

Healed of multiple personality disorder

Several months later, the Lord and I went for a walk in my mind. I must explain, often, when people have multiple personalities, there is a place in their mind where they are all “housed”. In my mind, there was an oversized hallway, like a hospital. Along each wall, as far as the eye could see, were steel doors. Behind each door was a personality, that was kept locked inside. “The Gatekeeper” was in charge of all the doors and she decided who came out to play.

The Lord and I were standing in the middle of this large hallway. I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace as I sensed His presence. Suddenly, without walking, we were inside one of the rooms. I became frightened. The Lord said, “Shhh, it is well.” The walls in the room started to close in slightly, and I started shaking in fear. Again, the Lord said, “Shhh, it is well.” The walls changed into thin, wispy clouds and floated away. I looked around in surprise and the room was gone, along with the personality that lived there.

The Lord and I were instantly in another room and the same thing occurred. One personality after another disappeared. When it was time for “The Gatekeeper” to disappear, I begged the Lord for permission to keep her. “Please Lord, she is the calm one, the logical one, the one who is in charge. All I am is the one who cries. I need her strength, please let me keep her!”

The Lord replied, “Don’t you know? She is part of you. If you keep her, you won’t have the strength you need.” A moment later, she was gone as well. Lastly, we came to my favorite eight-year-old child alter. I loved her dearly and wanted to keep her. “Please Lord, she has all the fun. She plays ball, and is filled with laughter. Can’t I please keep her?”

The Lord turned and looked at me. His pity and compassion overwhelmed me. “If you keep her, you won’t have any laughter. Do you really want to be sad and crying all the time? You deserve to have laughter as well.” A moment later and she was gone—so was the hallway, the rooms, all the personalities and the Lord. For the first time in my life, there was silence in my mind, no more constant arguing from the various alters I had had. They were all gone and I was free.

Healed of bipolar disorder

The Lord also healed the bi-polar, although it didn’t happen at the same time and He didn’t mention it specifically. Remember, He had just said, “Look! I have come to heal you.” He didn’t specify of what. I had another breakdown and suicide attempt in 2012 and finally was forced to move in with my daughter in 2013. The Lord used her to show us He had also healed me of bi-polar.

She shared with me how she thought I was over-medicated. I was slurring my words, tripping over everything and unable to follow along with simple conversations. I had accidentally missed a dose and she noticed I was more alert. I asked her what she thought we should do. She recommended cutting my dosage in half. That’s a very dangerous thing to do, with serious repercussions. We both knew if she was wrong, I would likely wind up back in the psychiatric ward. She felt led by the Lord and we both decided to trust and to try it. Instead of having a breakdown, I was more alert and felt better!

Gradually, we removed one medication at a time, over the course of almost a year, until I wasn’t on any medications any more. I was more alert and felt better than I had in decades. I have not been on any medication or under any psychiatric care for the past four years, with no ill effects. Totally healed!

Healed of COPD

When I was in my 50’s, I wound up going to the emergency room, unable to breathe. I was admitted and spent almost a week as an in-patient. I had x-rays taken, blood work done and the diagnosis was COPD. I had round the clock medications administered intravenously through a central line and breathing treatments every four hours, day and night. I was sent home with an oxygen tank, which became my constant companion, even when I had to go grocery shopping. I was on a daily medication, a daily inhaler and an emergency inhaler which I used daily as well. I had a continual wheeze and persistent cough for many years.

In 2014 I was visiting my daughter for Christmas. On the last day of our visit, the granddaughters had a slight cough. I started coughing slightly on the way home. Four hours later I couldn’t breathe and my husband took me to Urgent Care. The doctor looked at me sadly and said, “I’m sorry but I’m afraid you are going to wind up in the hospital.” I asked for prescriptions and to go home instead.

A week later I had a follow up visit with my general practitioner. Even though I had been on an antibiotic and a nebulizer for breathing treatments for a week, I wasn’t any better. The doctor looked at me sadly and said the same thing, that I would wind up in the hospital. Again, I asked for more medications. He prescribed a stronger antibiotic, Prednisone and an assortment of other medications for the chronic cough.  A week later I went back for another follow up, feeling all better.

After listening to my lungs, the doctor lifted his head and looked at me in wonder. The surprise showed clearly on his face, eyes opened wide, eyebrows raised.. he exclaimed: “Your lungs are clear! I was sure you were going to wind up in the hospital.”

“Clear? My lungs have not been clear in ten years! I’ve been wheezing and was diagnosed with COPD.” The doctor shook his head in disbelief. That was in 2014 and I have not been on any medication since then. Totally healed!

The Lord healed me of Multiple Personality Disorder, Bi-polar depression and COPD. He has also healed me of brain damage, caused by a suicide attempt, and just last year, of severe hearing loss. Truly the Lord is a great miracle worker! Do not believe those who say the miraculous healings of the Lord have ended, I am living proof they have not!

Editor’s Note: Some Christians may have a hard time accepting that Sally became a Christian yet stayed within the Jehovah’s Witness organization for so long. While it’s rare, it does happen. Some people stay because of their fear of losing contact with friends and family—staying under the radar for awhile (that is, so they can rescue their family and all leave together). In Sally’s case, her being bipolar and having Multiple Personality Disorder kept her from picking up on things sooner, her thinking just wasn’t clear at the time.

I’m reminded of Cornelius, a devout man, who earnestly sought God and “prayed continually” (Acts 10), yet was a Gentile and a Roman soldier. Eventually God did call him out and more was revealed about Him to Cornelius. The thief on the cross also comes to mind. Clearly, he had limited time for “sound theology” but merely placed his faith in Jesus and was saved. God meets people where they’re at and leads them accordingly.


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