Nick Vujicic on Unstoppable Faith

[ Author: Rich Christian ]

Recently my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the home church of Nick Vujicic and seeing him speak. I’ve seen him on TV many a time but didn’t know he lived here in Los Angeles and not too far from us. If you’ve never heard of him or seen him speak, you’re really missing out. He was born without arms and legs, hence the name of his ministry Life Without Limbs.

Nick is a very passionate man and has spoken in over 60 countries. He’s quite funny also, often being the butt of his own jokes. Countless people have been saved through his ministry but not without the threat of danger. He shared one story where he spoke in Indonesia and was threatened via email to not to come back or this person would kill him. Well, a few years went by and Nick went back to do another crusade in Indonesia. Subsequently, he received another email from the same person, repeating that he had planned on killing him but accepted Christ as his savior instead!

Nick’s message was largely about hope but mixed with the reality of pain that he and others have experienced. He attempted suicide at the age of 10, and at the age of 12 he was told the “reason” why he was born without limbs. This person told him that because he was a bad man in his former life, he was born this way. Of course, this person was referring to reincarnation, telling him that maybe his next life he’ll be born as a butterfly, or something.

He also told us that he has personally witnessed 13 miracles including blind people receiving their sight, paralyzed people being healed etc. One such story that he shared, was of a paralyzed woman (in Myanmar I believe), who had been that way for 4 years. She angrily told him, that she was tired of the white people telling her about their God but wanted to see him instead. Nick ended up praying for her and she was healed; she proceeded to get up, jumping up and down with excitement.

When he got back to the hotel with his companion—a gentleman from India—the guy was trembling and quite nervous. He asked Nick if he knew who she was, but he didn’t. He informed him that this woman was a notorious owner of a sex slave operation, who was responsible for 40,000 sex slaves stemming back to the ‘60’s. She was a very wealthy woman who had a large compound to boot. Long story short, she became a Christian, demolished her facilities and built a church on the property afterwards!

Something that Nick which really stood out to me, was when he said that we need to “stand at the gates of Hell and redirect the traffic, that’s the only way to love thy neighbor.” This is so powerful to me. That’s exactly what we try to do here at Razor Swift, provide the detour away from a dead-end road. He reminded us that the definition of a Christian isn’t to follow a Church but to follow Christ and that we need to share the hope that we have, with everyone. He most certainly is doing that.

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