Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

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[ Author: Melissa Dougherty ]

Some Christians aren’t really sure what the new age is. Some are a bit familiar with it but just as with any false religion out there, who have their own version of Jesus compared to the Bible, the new age Jesus is a different Jesus as well.

There are many differing aspects of the new age but in this article, I’ll focus mainly on the new age Jesus vs the biblical one. This applies to false religions as well. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to read and study your Bible: It’s a tall order for a new believer, but it must be done to know what you believe, why you believe it and to tell the truth from lies. If you know your Bible well, you’ll be able to discern Jesus from any false religion. You’ll immediately see the differences between what some people believe about Him and who He actually is.

Just one among many?

In the new age, Jesus is looked at as an Ascended Master: He’s just one of many given equal status as a great human teacher along with Buddha, Quan Yin, etc. Many people claim to ‘channel’ Jesus and downplay His role in our lives. Some books, such as A Course in Miracles, claim to be channeled from Jesus and deliver messages that are the opposite of the Bible (such as there was no crucifixion and that the only devil is the ego).

However, the Bible says to ‘test the spirits to make sure they’re of God’ (1 John 4), meaning we must compare all of what’s being told to us with God’s Word. See, the Bible isn’t just a book on the shelf–it’s the spiritual book that we compare all truth to. It’s our compass, our guide. If what we’re being told doesn’t correlate with it, it can’t be something from God. (Which is hard to do if we don’t read and study it.)

The new age Jesus is one of many spirits out there ready to guide us and tell us how to achieve godhood or enlightenment.

The Jesus of the Bible says there are false spirits out there, ready to deceive you and lead you away from Him and true salvation, which is only through Him dying for your sins, repenting and accepting Him as your Savior. Spirits of the enemy masquerade as spirit guides teaching that sin is an illusion and that salvation is subjective.

The new age Jesus is a great metaphysical teacher, an example to all of us of what we can be. The new age Jesus says there are many paths and ways to God. We’re told that each path is unique and we should never ever judge someone’s path for they all lead to salvation.

The Jesus of the Bible says He is the Way the Truth and the Life. He is the only way to salvation, there’s no other way except through Him… and not in the metaphysical sense. Many new thought (new age) teachers take this verse to mean that Jesus is saying He’s here to show us true spirituality and we should follow his example. Again, this is yet another reason to read and study the Bible, for He’s saying that salvation is only in accepting His sacrifice.

New Age Jesus is tolerant of your choices and beliefs.

The Jesus of the Bible says repent today, for salvation has come.

The new age Jesus says there are many metaphysical and spiritual teachings such as chakras that we can tap into because we are divine, just like Him. The Jesus of the Bible says the enemy prowls around looking for someone to devour. And last I checked, it was a slimy serpent who said we could be like gods, not Jesus. These are only a few examples.

The litmus test

There is one failsafe way to really tell a false Jesus from the true Jesus and it’s very simple: to read and study your Bible well, primarily the New Testament. Paul warns about this and so does Jesus Himself. He knew there would be false gospels and false Jesus’ taught and He gave ways to discern the true from the false.

Don’t trust the Bible? Think it’s full of ‘mistakes’?

I’d challenge you to think again about that.

There’s a lot of information out there about why one should trust the Bible. I never read the Bible when I was in the new thought movement because I was taught there were ‘missing books’ and many mistakes in it.

It was the single biggest spiritual mistake I made.

If I had read my Bible and got curious enough to research, I’d have seen there is something out there called textual criticism, which is the study of the biblical manuscripts. We won’t get into it here, but we have great reason to believe the Bible is not only reliable but teaches exactly who Jesus is–our source of truth. To be frank, it’s either (A) read the Bible and know who He truly is, or (B) stay away from it and continue to be deceived.

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