A Jehovah’s Witness Encounter — Do You Have a Bible?


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[ Author: Rich Christian ]

A new strategy

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to Jehovah’s Witnesses in person so when an opportunity presented itself recently, I took it.

I spotted one of those now famous JW carts that they’ve been lugging around for the past few years, it almost seems that they’re tired of going door to door as of late. Why walk around tirelessly knocking on doors covering territory, when you can plop a mobile cart anywhere, kick back, relax–sometimes at the beach, ya I’ve seen them chilling, catching some sun–and have people come to you! It’s a great strategy.

There were two ladies at the cart, manning it (can I say “womanning it”?) and they looked a bit bored–there were no visitors at it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say but I prayed for guidance. 1

As I approached, I was checking out their cart to see what publications they had. (I love to collect their literature, it comes in quite handy when you need to verify something) I noticed that a decent amount of it was in other languages.

I’ll have another one please

I finally decided to pick up their newest copy of the “Bible Teach Book”, the old one being above it, but in Hebrew. I asked her for a copy, and said “This is the same as that one, right? (While pointing to the Hebrew version) She said: “Yes, you read Hebrew?” “Yes I do”, I told her. Her eyes got big when I told her, but I quickly came clean and told her that I didn’t speak Hebrew, and was only learning Greek instead, which is true. (We both had a quick laugh, gotta have some fun ya know)

I didn’t have whole lot of time to talk to them but I got a few things in for them to think about. I asked them about their religion and in the process told them my about background with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Their default, of course was bringing up their website which they did several times throughout our conversation, pointing to the logo in the process. I told them that this re-branding was a great strategy; telling them I remember seeing when the kingdom halls  started adorning their buildings with this logo a few years ago. Quick side note: Many folks have commented that this logo has become a golden calf of sorts.

Lots of books but no Bible

At one point in the conversation, I asked them for a Bible and they didn’t have one, again referring me to their website. (At the end of this article is a summary on them not having a Bible)

I explained to them, that while I appreciated their dedication to preaching what they thought was right, I shared that they’re weren’t being told the full story of what goes on within the organization. I told them that there’s several things that’s actually not on their website, but can be found elsewhere.

The main JW that I was talking to, asked me if any of that information would make her change her mind. I told her if she loved children she would. (I told her if a person is a “company man”, then nothing would change their mind, but if truth is above all, then my information is worth checking out)

Dropping the hammer

I proceeded to tell her about the Australian Royal Commission debacle and explained all the hubbub about it. She actually listened to me, and didn’t dispute it, of course she didn’t know about it either. I told her that even some of the Governing Body members testified, and that it was a widespread issue. The other JW was watching but seemed to be zoning out.

Towards the end of our conversation, I made sure to let them know that I don’t hate them, and I’m not a former JW (therefore not an “apostate” in their eyes) nor do I have an ax to grind with them. I let them know, that I’m simply a Christian–a researcher and have learned about various religions, collecting numerous in the process, including one’s from the Watchtower. I told her, that I love them enough, that I want them to know the truth. She thanked me for my honestly, and I left shortly after.

A Summary of the Encounter:

A) Me: Are you guys Bible based?

B) Witness: Yes, yes we are.

A) Me: You have quite a few publications in your cart, can I see one of your Bibles please?

B) Witness: [Frantically looking for one] We don’t actually have a Bible with us, but you can go to our website for it.

A) Me: Interesting, so you’re here today, telling people about the Bible, you have books about the Bible, you’re telling me that you’re Bible based, but you don’t actually have a Bible with you?

B) Witness: [Blank stare]



1. Even though I know their teachings well, I’ve talked to 100’s of JW’s over the years, but only God knows where they’re at in their mind and what will prick their heart. Prayer is always important.


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