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The Day After The End Of The World

China over 600 members of a cult group were arrested for their shenanigans. These are just a couple of issues that I could cite concerning this supposed event, that at best, was a self-fulfilling prophecy for those that believed the hype.

My wife grew up in Guatemala and spoke yesterday with her grandma who lives there; she asked my wife “who are all of these gringos coming down to my country?” Though there were the various Mayan shamans doing their rituals in Peten -some say to open demonic portals- the Guatemalan people as a whole were perplexed why so many people were all a fuss about this date. The Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world anyways. And as a Christian, I already had the confidence that nothing catastrophic was going to happen as I have the Bible as a reference. I find it interesting that so many of the various fringe cult/occult groups continually put their faith in the so called spirit guides, ascended masters, light beings etc even though such information is constantly wrong. Yet, the Bible has been consistently accurate about various prophetic events but such types choose to turn a blind eye, while pursuing to open and rely on their third eye.

Why Do People Predict The End Of The World?

There are various reasons why people choose to make predictions: whether it be for money, fame, power or otherwise but when these predictions don’t come to pass, it makes people more desensitized each time. In recent years we have seen an increase of wars and rumors of wars as well as earthquakes -not to mention the magnitude of each- and I do believe that we are experiencing the birth pangs of what Revelation lays out. However, it’s not up to us to speculate on what is to happen when, but merely to be diligent and watchful of the things to come.

I’m embarrassed to say that there were even quite a number of professing Christians who were deceived by this date of 2012. One such individual on her Facebook kept telling everyone that Satan’s home planet of Nibiru was coming and that there would be 3 days of darkness with no electricity. (she boldly proclaimed that Jesus told her to tell everyone) Obviously someone has been reading a little too much Sitchen. I actually made a video over a year ago on this whole Nibiru nonsense. The day has now come and gone…so for now, events -spoken about in the writings of men such as David Wilcock, Zecharia Sitchin, and Daniel Pinchbeck- like the end of the world/galactic alignments/solar flares/Quetzalcoatl’s return/DNA upgrades/Nibiru bringing the Anunnaki will have to wait another day.

Note: Here’s a radio show interview that I did with Chris White about the various 2012 predictions

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