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Spotlight On ISWA U

Spotlight On ISWA

The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA) is an organization whose curriculum is geared towards helping woman from all over the globe defend their Christian faith. This ministry is founded by Sarah Ankenman, also known as “The Valley Girl Apologist“. From their website they say:


ISWA U will equip and train you in basic Apologetics and provide you with the resources to go even deeper in your study of why you believe what you believe. In the world we live in today, it is crucial for women to engage in Apologetics, not just for the strength of our own faith, but that of our kids and others around us who are in desperate need of the truth. Each lecture is 30 minutes to an hour in length, and will come with a workbook, to further enhance your Apologetics study, and are all taught by top women apologists across the country.

Starting tomorrow (October 28th) they will be unlocking some great features from their site including free videos and audio of various lectures. For more information about ISWA go to their website.

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