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To do quality research on any given topic can take some considerable time. Included in that research, is finding the right resources -tracking them down takes patience- to aid such a study. I’ll periodically be adding links to material of various topics that hopefully will be of use for you researchers. If you find anything worthwhile to add to the list, I will be happy to add it. Thank you and happy reading!


Bible Related Materials:


Bible Gateway


Blue Letter Bible

Septuagint (LXX)

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project

Ultimate Online Resources For Bible Scholars


General Apologetics:



Jehovah’s Witnesses:

JW Files

WT Archive



While some people think debates are pointless, I would have to strongly disagree. I have learned a lot from watching and listening to them. Occasionally I will be posting some that I’ve enjoyed, ones that have helped me examine a particular topic from different angles, and in real time. If you have any that you’d like me to add, let me know. Thank you.

Hugh Ross vs Lewis Wolpert – Is There Evidence For A Cosmic Creator?

Debate – William Lane Craig vs Christopher Hitchens – Does God Exist?

The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig

The Great Debate: Is Jesus God? ( 1 of 3 ) Dr. Anthony Buzzard vs Dr. James White

Did Jesus Resurrect from the Dead? (Gary Habermas vs Antony Flew)

Old Earth vs Young Earth Debate – Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Kent Hovind (1 of 3)

Debate on science and the bible