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Paranormal Experiences Part 6

Paranormal Vehicle?


It’s A UFO: Paranormal Or Natural?

A few years ago I had my girlfriend (now wife) over to watch a movie with me. While she was actually watching it, I started staring outside the window admiring how bright Mars was but it seemed awfully close. The planet was flashing back and forth from solid red to solid white. (Thoughts of it possibly being paranormal hadn’t entered into my mind yet at this point) After about fifteen minutes I asked her if she thought that Mars looked pretty tonight. She promptly replied “that’s not Mars”. I disagreed with her saying that it was since I had been watching it for over fifteen minutes and it hadn’t moved. I knew for a fact that it hadn’t, because I was looking through the screen and using the “grid” of it and the tree line as a reference point to prove it wasn’t moving. Her and I debated about if for awhile as we were observing it.

Next thing I know, the light started moving! The total elapsed time from when I first noticed it to when it started moving was approximately 30 minutes. Yes I checked the clock. It started slowly moving away then made a quick reverse heading right towards the apartment complex! We both ran outside to get a better look at it. It flew right over the complex not making a sound! It was black and triangular in shape with multiple red and white lights under it. We both were exhilarated and curious to figure out what it might have been. I checked the news and there was nothing on about it. I was curious about not seeing any news reports but in time I let it go. Only recently have we come to a conclusion of what it may have been. Some months ago I came across a Youtube video of what looked like we had seen years earlier. As I played the video my wife shrieked “that’s what we saw! that’s the UFO!”. The video was of a TR-3B Astra, that to date, doesn’t exist. I’m not convinced that what we saw was paranormal in origin (likely some secret aircraft) but it sure was an interesting sight to behold.

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  1. Sounds paranormal to me, no matter by whom or where it was made.