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Paranormal Experiences Part 3

Paranormal Police

Rush Hour Traffic

I was driving home from work one day and I was in the turn lane getting ready to take a left. I had a green arrow and proceeded into the intersection. Just before I was about to turn, I heard sirens and saw flashing red lights on two cars approaching me from the oncoming traffic. They beat all of the other cars and got into the intersection first. These two cars stopped in tandem, one right in front of the other blocking me from turning. What I then realized was that even though I had a green arrow in my lane to turn, the oncoming traffic also had a green light to go straight! The oncoming traffic proceeded through the intersection towards me and then through the light.

As I was studying these two cars I made some observations. There was one guy in each car, their cars had only flashing red lights with sirens blaring, however no cars from the oncoming traffic were stopping, but just kept on driving! Both cars had no license plates, no external identification writings/markings anywhere, no antenna in the back (like you normally see on police cars used for their CB radios). All police cars that I’ve ever seen have had some mix of red/blue/amber light combination but never solid red, especially in Nashville where I was at. Fire department vehicles do, but aren’t people supposed to stop when they see emergency lights and hear sirens?


Paranormal Police with long hair

Now onto the two policemen. This sounds weird but both guys had long blonde hair, they wore police looking uniforms -grey; not the color Nashville Police wear- but with no badges or anything to identify them. They both just sat in their car and each one stuck a hand out of the window motioning for me not to turn. As they looked at me they didn’t seem to have much emotion, but just kept their eyes targeted on me while waiting for traffic to pass. Once both traffic lights turned red, these officers just drove away with lights flashing and sirens blaring with no one following them. I waited for the next rotation to turn left. Once my arrow turned green again, I took a very cautious left and parked by the sidewalk.

I watched that intersection’s lights for quite a few rotations, looking to see if they would malfunction again but they didn’t! They did only that one time, when I was in the turn lane. The police spared me a head on collision. Who could’ve predicted this was going to happen, and only ONCE? Some have tried to explain this situation as a procession of some sort but the cars going through the intersection went every which direction like normal rush hour traffic would. Some got onto the freeway, some took right and left turns onto other roads etc. As I asked earlier, aren’t cars supposed to stop when they see emergency lights and hear sirens? Isn’t this a logical question to ask?

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