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How To Fix Society According To Atheists

Atheistic Countries

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Yet another tactic that I see atheists use against God and religion, is visualized in the picture on the right (You’ll have to click on it a few times to read it) This picture is apparently trying to convey that the quality of life in these societies is better because they’re some of the least religious countries in the world. Such reasoning is quite problematic however, for various reasons. I think one of the biggest issues is finding/proving the causation for this assertion. I would like to know how they linked the two together. Did this study (or studies) take into account: the various cultural, economical, or social issues etc?

Does it follow that since the people in these countries are irreligious, then they are automatically atheists? Were such people specifically polled about their apparent atheism or just their non religious status? To be fair, this might not be the point of the picture (rather, that lacking religion equals a better way of life) but does this make a case for atheism if these people are just not religious, yet not atheists either? It could conceivably be a case against organized religion while being silent for the case of atheism. I know tons of people that don’t consider religion important at all, yet still maintain their religious status (when pressed; yet in a nominal fashion) of their heritage or upbringing. Was this scenario taken into consideration?

The Perfect World In Shambles

Moving on, even if we could somehow find a linkage -which I don’t see how one could- there’s other issues to consider. If an atheistic society truly is the road to Shangri-La and the antidote to many of the world’s problems, then it would be true on all counts. But history tells us otherwise. Lets talk about Marxism for just a moment. Surely our atheist friends haven’t overlooked Marxism have they? Vladimir Lenin had this to say about the relationship of atheism and Marxism: “Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.” [1]

We all know how much of a paradise Lennin’s Soviet Union was. Now the boo birds (the atheists that will cry “fowl”, yes, pun intended) will say that it wasn’t atheism that was the driver of the vehicle of his evil empire. Well perhaps not, but atheism was definitely riding shotgun. What I mean, is that atheism’s subjective truth worldview (I’m especially talking about the “Old Atheism” of his time where anything goes; strangely some of the “New Atheism” adherents have made objective claims of morality) was a facilitator and accomplice for those to carry out whatever one so desires. Once we remove God from the equation, who’s the final authority to speak on the behalf of all humanity, on what we should and should not do? Where is this ambassador?

The Cold Reality

One further example that we could provide (to show that atheism is not the answer, politically speaking) is the state sponsored atheism of North Korea. They are one of the few countries left that govern their country in this manner. [2] I’ve heard atheists who claim that North Korea’s denomination of atheism -well they don’t say denomination, but shall we say worldview- is not really atheism because they worship their former leaders. One atheist told me “North Korea isn’t atheist, they worship their leader as a god, educate yourself.” [3] I did indeed educate myself on the matter, and I thank him for the inspiration to write this article. So if worshipping a person or object cancels out one’s atheism, then we must take Japan (ranked 6th) off the list in the picture above.

One of the core religions of the Japanese (I say religion but they would call it more of just a way of life) is Shintoism. Their dominant religion of Shinto, meaning “the way of the gods”, is Japan’s indigenous religion and is practiced by about 83% of the population. [4] The “Shinto gods” are called kami, and these kami are said to be sacred spirits which take the form of things and concepts important to life, such as wind, rain, mountains, trees, rivers and fertility. (These kami are reminiscent of Plato’s Elementals) They believe that humans when they die become kami, and thus are highly revered. [5] So as we see, to use atheistic Japan in support of atheism while ignoring the atheism of North Korea, is a case of cherry picking. In closing, I wouldn’t use this “countries are better if atheist” argument at all as there are just too many factors to take into consideration. From a Biblical worldview, everyone is a sinner anyways and not one is “good” [6]. Therefore no one is above doing wrong (i. e. sin) and yes, this means everyone.



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