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"Where the WORD is sharper than any two edged sword"

A Skeptic’s Guide To The Supernatural

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Atheism, Logic, Paranormal, Science, UFO | 0 comments

the skeptic


Debunking Attempts And Explanations Of The Supernatural Usually Go Like This





1. If A Photo Was Shown - It was photoshopped.

2. When A Video Is Provided - It’s edited, not an authentic video.

3. Isolated Eyewitness Testimony - It’s those vulnerable individuals who are influenced by tradition of mythos and folklore.

4. Multiple Eyewitness Accounts That Were Simultaneous  - Delusional subjects and mass hysteria.

5. All Four Conditions Occur - Appeals to “Naturalism In The Gaps” are asserted…denial, denial, and denial!

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Paranormal Experiences Part 6

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 in Paranormal, UFO | 1 comment

Paranormal Vehicle?


It’s A UFO: Paranormal Or Natural?

A few years ago I had my girlfriend (now wife) over to watch a movie with me. While she was actually watching it, I started staring outside the window admiring how bright Mars was but it seemed awfully close. The planet was flashing back and forth from solid red to solid white. (Thoughts of it possibly being paranormal hadn’t entered into my mind yet at this point) After about fifteen minutes I asked her if she thought that Mars looked pretty tonight. She promptly replied “that’s not Mars”. I disagreed with her saying that it was since I had been watching it for over fifteen minutes and it hadn’t moved. I knew for a fact that it hadn’t, because I was looking through the screen and using the “grid” of it and the tree line as a reference point to prove it wasn’t moving. Her and I debated about if for awhile as we were observing it.

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Paranormal Experiences Part 4

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Paranormal, UFO | 1 comment

Paranormal Light
My First UFO Encounter

I wouldn’t call myself a UFO hunter by any means but I’ve personally seen four. Some years back when I was living in an overcrowded apartment-there was four of us living in a two bedroom and I shared the living room with a friend, I saw my first UFO. My then girlfriend (now my wife) came over to hang out with the boys to watch movies with us. She ended up crashing on one of the couches due to being too tired to drive home. Later in the early morning around 3am I was startled from a deep sleep feeling very terrified. I remember trying to pray Jesus Jesus, but all that was coming out was “J…Je…Je…Jes…”, and I couldn’t say his name. Once I fully awoke, I looked into the kitchen and saw a rather large ball of light in the corner. I remember thinking, we don’t have a nightlight there, so where’s that coming from? The light lingered there for a few minutes then slowly condensed getting smaller and smaller -as I walked towards it- and then finally disappeared.

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