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Paranormal Experiences Part 5

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Paranormal | 1 comment

Paranormal Manifestation

The Revelation: A Paranormal Encounter

At the age of 18, I became a Christian much to the relief (and surprise) of friends and family. After becoming a born again, I joined a church that I actually wanted to be a part of, one that I wasn’t forced to attend. (I was forced to go while growing up) I enlisted in the choir and started playing drums for the youth. One Sunday, where I was praying backstage with the worship team, something interesting i. e. a paranormal encounter happened to me that day. Keep in mind that I was a new Christian trying to figure God out (still am hehe), and looking for an excuse to do it my way despite my conversion. Just as we were finishing up in prayer, my whole body started to feel really heavy and my legs just decided that they were not going to work. In the only way I can describe it, I felt as if I was carefully being laid down to the floor but in super slow motion, like a parent gently laying down his/her infant into a crib.

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Paranormal Experiences Part 4

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Paranormal, UFO | 1 comment

Paranormal Light
My First UFO Encounter

I wouldn’t call myself a UFO hunter by any means but I’ve personally seen four. Some years back when I was living in an overcrowded apartment-there was four of us living in a two bedroom and I shared the living room with a friend, I saw my first UFO. My then girlfriend (now my wife) came over to hang out with the boys to watch movies with us. She ended up crashing on one of the couches due to being too tired to drive home. Later in the early morning around 3am I was startled from a deep sleep feeling very terrified. I remember trying to pray Jesus Jesus, but all that was coming out was “J…Je…Je…Jes…”, and I couldn’t say his name. Once I fully awoke, I looked into the kitchen and saw a rather large ball of light in the corner. I remember thinking, we don’t have a nightlight there, so where’s that coming from? The light lingered there for a few minutes then slowly condensed getting smaller and smaller -as I walked towards it- and then finally disappeared.

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Paranormal Experiences Part 3

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Paranormal | 0 comments

Paranormal Police

Rush Hour Traffic

I was driving home from work one day and I was in the turn lane getting ready to take a left. I had a green arrow and proceeded into the intersection. Just before I was about to turn, I heard sirens and saw flashing red lights on two cars approaching me from the oncoming traffic. They beat all of the other cars and got into the intersection first. These two cars stopped in tandem, one right in front of the other blocking me from turning. What I then realized was that even though I had a green arrow in my lane to turn, the oncoming traffic also had a green light to go straight! The oncoming traffic proceeded through the intersection towards me and then through the light.

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Paranormal Experiences Part 1

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Paranormal | 3 comments

Paranormal Wine
Drunk On New Wine

This is a subject that I’ve put off from writing about for various reasons. As this is a new blog, I’ve been trying to keep things out of the “taboo tavern”. One reason is that I do not want to alienate my empirical minded readers (and perhaps others), ones, that will use such material as a means to disregard everything I have to say on anything. I do realize that my research and study on philosophy, science, formal logic etc might not be viewed in the same light (even if sound arguments are presented) if I start to write about the paranormal, on things I have witnessed. I however, am not a people pleaser and cannot deny my testimony. I want to be empathetic to people and meet them where they’re at, but nevertheless I must follow my conviction -with the encouragement from a friend as well- to share things that led me to my conversion and recognition/understanding of the paranormal. So with that I unapologetically say, oh well…que sera sera. Those that know me know that I’m naturally a logical, rational, and skeptical person but I (and friends) have seen/experienced things in my life that just haven’t been easy to grasp from a naturalistic worldview. Some experiences that I’ll share are from before my conversion, and others are after. As you read through this series, I ask you to keep an open heart and mind to what you read. Now, release the arrows!

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Genesis 6 Sons Of God: Sethite View Objections And Answers

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011 in Nephilim, Paranormal | 2 comments

Fallen Sons Of God

The Fallen Sons Of God

Though I don’t agree with the “Sons of Seth” (SOS view hereafter) explanation of who the “Sons of God” in Genesis 6 were -it’s the teaching that the Sons Of God were the godly lines of Seth, mere men- but I feel it’s necessary to discuss it. This article will be a quick overview to some of the SOS people, and their rebuttals to those that take the Sons of God (AOG view hereafter) as being angels. Keep in mind that not everything I cite will be the unanimous view of all the proponents of the SOS view, but I’ll include some of the various arguments/rebuttals that I have read on websites, seen in videos and experienced in debates etc.

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Alien And UFO Research

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Nephilim, New Age, Paranormal | 0 comments

Grey alien

The End Times And Prophecy Involves Aliens?

Some may wonder why in the world would a Christian research UFOs and aliens as I and other apologists have done. There are various reasons why, but one of the main ones is that I believe the “alien gospel” will play a huge part in the “falling away” of the end time delusion. It’s a very speculative topic to be sure, but with ample research on such a taboo subject, the crazy can/will actually make sense. Even staunch atheists like Richard Dawkins entertain the idea that evolved beings or aliens may have jump started evolution on this planet. This belief is called “panspermia” where life from somewhere else in the universe seeded the earth. It’s usually taught in the form of organisms e. g. bacteria etc being transported by meteors etc but some claim sentient aliens fit into the equation as well.

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