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Two Quick Angel Stories

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[ Author: Rich Christian ]

A Strange Sensation

I have a couple of interesting accounts that will hopefully encourage some of you who are Christians.

My wife was relaying a story to me that her friend told her recently. Her friend’s father passed away a couple of years ago (cancer) and the events surrounding his passing, were interesting.
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Razor Swift – The Occult With Guest: Mike Caravaggio

Former occultist Mike Caravaggio will share his testimony and dealings with white magic. Some of his hair raising experiences are what led him out of witchcraft and into a relationship with Christ. We will be live this Sunday September 9th at 3pm Pacific, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern.

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A Skeptic’s Guide To The Supernatural

Why Do You Question?

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The Debunking Usually Goes Like This:

1. If A Photo Was Shown – It was photoshopped.

2. When A Video Is Provided – It’s edited, not an authentic video.

3. Isolated Witness Testimony With Corresponding Data Presented – It’s those vulnerable individuals who are influenced by tradition of mythos and folklore.

4. Multiple Eyewitness Accounts That Were Simultaneous  – Delusional subjects and mass hysteria.

5. All Four Conditions Occur Appeals to “Naturalism In The Gaps” are asserted…denial, denial, and denial!

Is The Shroud Of Turin Real?

The Shroud Of Turin

Tell Me The Facts

Below is the link to a very interesting radio interview about the Shroud of Turin, said to be Jesus. The guest (Barrie M. Schwortz) who is a Jew, believes that the image on the shroud really is Jesus! His team’s analysis of it have been written about in various journals.


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Alien And UFO Research

Alien Deception

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The End Times And Prophecy

Some may wonder why in the world would a Christian research UFOs and aliens as I and other apologists have done. There are various reasons why, but one of the main ones is that I believe the “alien gospel” will play a huge part in the “falling away” of the end time delusion. It’s a very speculative topic to be sure, but with ample research on such a taboo subject, the crazy can/will actually make sense. Even staunch atheists like Richard Dawkins entertain the idea that evolved beings or aliens may have jump started evolution on this planet. This belief is called “panspermia” where life from somewhere else in the universe seeded the earth. It’s usually taught in the form of organisms e. g. bacteria etc being transported by meteors etc but some claim sentient aliens fit into the equation as well. As time winds down towards the return of Christ, it would do the church well to read up on alien and UFO material that’s sweeping the world by storm because:

  • People that don’t get answers from the church will go elsewhere i. e. mediums, cults, the occult etc. (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Knowing intel on an enemy and its movements, facilitates a specified war strategy.
  • God would not have us be ignorant on crucial events that deceive man.
  • God always calls watchmen to warn the people that are willing to listen.
  • So we won’t be deceived!
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