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"Where the WORD is sharper than any two edged sword"

Razor Swift From Atheist To Apologist Guest Dave Glander

Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Apologetics, Atheism, The Razor Swift Podcast | 0 comments

Does God ExistDave Glander will share his journey from atheist to apologist, and will explain the importance of apologetics for this generation.  Dave is the founder of Truth Ministries: he is academically trained in the areas of apologetics, and researching end-times events has been the main core of countless hours of study and teaching. Dave is best known for his inventive illustrated messages which keep audiences on the edge of their seat, while providing information that is well researched, Bible-based, and educational. His mission is to educate and provide a complete understanding of their faith. We will be LIVE! Wednesday October 31st at 2 pm Pacific, 3 pm Mountain, 4 pm Central, 5 pm Eastern.


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The Atheist Experience Defeats The Kalam Cosmological Argument With A Sandwich

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Apologetics, Atheism, Skeptics | 3 comments

I’ve been watching The Atheist Experience consistently for a handful of months now (I’ve watched short clips of it before but not full episodes) and I’m rather amused by what I see. I’m sad to say that the majority of the Christians who call in, are generally making bad arguments. I recently heard someone say that the main host of “TAA” (Matt Dillahunty) has made a career of going after low hanging fruit. Some may be offended by such a statement, but this person is trying to convey that there are too many Christians making terribly uninformed arguments on the program. Arguments that, are not the best that Christianity has to offer. However, there have been some good arguments brought forth as well, but at times were not properly unpacked in my opinion. In the rare case that a good argument has been brought forth, and in a cogent way, the caller has often been interrupted and subsequently muted. Following that, handfuls of logical fallacies have been offered by the hosts while improperly calling out ones that are not.


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Holding The Ranting Atheists Accountable (Video)

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Atheism, Razor Swift Videos | 1 comment



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How To Fix Society According To Atheists

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Atheism, Logic | 4 comments

Atheist Countries

Photo Attribution:

Yet another tactic that I see atheists use against God and religion, is visualized in the picture on the right (You’ll have to click on it a few times to read it) This picture is apparently trying to convey that the quality of life in these societies is better because they’re some of the least religious countries in the world. Such reasoning is quite problematic however, for various reasons. I think one of the biggest issues is finding/proving the causation for this assertion. I would like to know how they linked the two together. Did this study (or studies) take into account: the various cultural, economical, or social issues etc?

Does it follow that since the people in these countries are irreligious, then they are automatically atheists? Were such people specifically polled about their apparent atheism or just their non religious status? To be fair, this might not be the point of the picture (rather, that lacking religion equals a better way of life) but does this make a case for atheism if these people are just not religious, yet not atheists either? It could conceivably be a case against organized religion while being silent for the case of atheism. I know tons of people that don’t consider religion important at all, yet still maintain their religious status (when pressed; yet in a nominal fashion) of their heritage or upbringing. Was this scenario taken into consideration?

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Militant Atheist Paper Tigers Spreading The Love (Video)

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Atheism, Logic, Razor Swift Videos | 0 comments

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A Skeptic’s Guide To The Supernatural

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Atheism, Logic, Paranormal, Science, UFO | 0 comments

the skeptic


Debunking Attempts And Explanations Of The Supernatural Usually Go Like This





1. If A Photo Was Shown - It was photoshopped.

2. When A Video Is Provided - It’s edited, not an authentic video.

3. Isolated Eyewitness Testimony - It’s those vulnerable individuals who are influenced by tradition of mythos and folklore.

4. Multiple Eyewitness Accounts That Were Simultaneous  - Delusional subjects and mass hysteria.

5. All Four Conditions Occur - Appeals to “Naturalism In The Gaps” are asserted…denial, denial, and denial!

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