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"Where the WORD is sharper than any two edged sword"

About The Founder

Keeping A Long Story Short

Hello A. M. “Marc” Hempe here, I’m the founder of Razor Swift. Some have asked me about my background and how Razor Swift was conceived. I’ll try to keep this brief. I was raised in a Christian home (Pentecostal) and was forced to go to church while growing up. Even as a little tot, I hated going to church and was always acting up; making noise, crying, throwing things etc. (I will say that I enjoyed some of the activities and girls) My constant bad behavior landed me often in the basement -in the janitor’s closet- for those all so familiar spankings. As I got older I still had a disdain for church and most Christians. I viewed so many of them as weak, geeky, wimpy, and behind the times kind of people. I did learn how to play the game however just to keep people off my back, to leave me alone. I tried to believe but it just wasn’t in me. Needless to say, I was an agnostic/atheist/skeptic for the better part of the first 18 years of my life.

In my senior year and to the surprise of many, I became a Christian. I was not an easy sell as I was (well still am) very analytical and a doubter by nature. Despite what I knew, and what I thought was rational/reasonable, I experienced God in a powerful way that I could not deny, but yet could not prove.  I had seen things growing up that I could not explain -yes I mean miracles- but I still wasn’t convinced. Looking back, it was only the grace of God that opened my eyes as no argument (no matter how sound) was ever good enough for me. Fast forward a few years, I moved to Nashville Tennessee to pursue a career in the Christian music industry. I started playing drums at 11 and had some good years under my belt by the time I moved down South at the age of 22.

Within 6 months of living there I was getting hooked up with all kinds of people at parties. I was going to lots of parties, some times 3 a night. I remember my first party was at Jaci Velasquez’s house and I was star struck at seeing/meeting so many of the artists that I had looked up to. I’m sad to say, but Nashville (and the CCM biz) is not what I thought it was. Quite a few of the artists (I’ll not name names) I met/hung out with were not really into ministry but rather womanizing, drinking and drugs. That was an eye opener and I was crushed. There also were the industry churches that I attended and it was all about the Sunday show. After awhile, I got really jaded and angry. I wanted to play music but not with a bunch of hypocrites. Subsequently, I quit playing drums. I have no problems with people having problems and issues, but pretending to be something you’re not -just for the camera etc- that’s where I take issue. To be fair, the Christian music industry won’t let you be who you are anyways, so artists are forced into either unemployment (losing a record deal) or the underground.

After 3  years or so I moved to Los Angeles. I still wasn’t playing drums at this time but I was trying my hand at band management. I did that for awhile but it kind of fizzled, it really wasn’t what I wanted to do anyways. In time I cofounded a unique band with a friend of mine that moved to LA with me. He also was involved in the CCM scene playing for bands such as Jeff Deyo/Sonic Flood, Deliverance, East West etc. After a handful of shows, and with not much money, being worn out etc, we hung er up (if you’re interested, here’s a couple of the goofy songs that we recorded: Obsessive Compulsivity and Ignophobiotic). I’ve had fun with music through the years; made some money, done some tours (Carmen, Kings X, Mardo, Zoe Girls etc), had some deals etc but this chapter in my life is over.


An injury and the recovery

To backtrack just a little (I’m all over the place I know hehe) I hurt my back some years ago (herniated disk) and in 2007, the pain got so bad I was unable to work. There have been stretches of time where I have been paralyzed and would fall down because of my nerves being pinched. Because of these circumstances, I’ve had to reinvent myself and it has been for the good. Bring in apologetics. With all of the downtime I really got into researching and reading. I was first inspired to research Jehovah’s Witnesses since I had worked with quite a few through the years. In a short period of time, I had accumulated close to 400 of their publications!  That lead to more research on various cult groups, I then branched out into other studies as well. I was doing apologetics before I even knew there was such a branch in Christian theology. I have learned a lot in the past 5 years or so, but I do realize that I have a lot no A TON more to learn. It is my personal conviction that every true Christian is an apologist that defends the faith and advances the Kingdom with sound and Biblical answers for those that ask (1 Peter 3:15). While I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up (I have some eggs in the pan) I just know that the Body of Christ needs to be prepared and equipped in these perilous last days that we live in. Thank you for reading!

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  1. The End of the World is Near! Repent! Ha ha ha.