The 1954 Walsh Trial Examined

Walsh Trial in Scotland

In 1954, the Watchtower Society litigated against Scotland’s Ministries of Labour and National Services. [1] They did so in the attempt to show that Jehovah’s Witnesses should not be drafted into the military, as they are a legitimate religion with ministers which warrants an exemption, they argued. Among those who testified on behalf of the Watchtower, was the the vice-president of the Society, Fredrick Franz, and H. C. Covington, who was the head of the legal department of the Watchtower. There were a number of embarrassing admissions under oath from these men during the trial, which revealed a number of issues to outsiders. One of which was when Covington admitted that Jehovah’s Witnesses were obligated to have unity “at all costs”, even though this forced unity –which is actually uniformity– led to believing in false prophecies, such as Jesus’ invisible presence in 1874. [2] Also in this trial, Franz was exposed as one incapable of translating the Biblical languages though he claimed he could. The 1975 Watch Out! magazine further exposed this debacle and quoted some of the court transcripts in their publication (below). Sadly, the average rank and file Jehovah’s Witness is unaware of this trial. The entire transcript can be downloaded for free on Lulu.

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The Watchtower Was Required To Promote The United Nations!

For decades the Watchtower Society has condemned the United Nations (they believe the UN is the “Scarlet Colored Beast” of Revelation) which is an organization, they say, that only false religions have dealings with. Then, in the early 90′s, they themselves joined the UN’s publicity department! [1] The very few Jehovah’s Witnesses that are aware of this debacle, seem to think that even though the Watchtower joined the United Nation’s Department Of Public Information branch (DPI), they didn’t actually promote the United Nations. Well, part of the agreement of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) joining the DPI, is to promote the United Nations!!! The UN says this in their handbook [A], as well as their information packet that they hand out [B]. There’s also this UN press release –from the year the Watchtower joined– which shows that their associated NGO’s must have the resources necessary for effective outreach. [C] Furthermore, the UN was keeping record [D] of the promotional pieces from their associated NGO’s, and shared it on their website! [2]

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A 1928 Watchtower Conversation That Never Happened

Here’s an interesting conversation that was said to take place in 1928. The Watchtower (1988 Watchtower May 1st pg. 22) tells of a story [1] where a colporteur –the old name for a publisher– was witnessing to a gentleman and after asking him if he believed in the second advent of the Lord, this man proclaimed that: “Christ’s second advent was realized in 1914.” The colporteur promptly told him to go read “The Harp Of God”, which was reported as what led to this man’s conversion in 1929. There’s a major problem to this story however, The Harp Of God [2] teaches that the second advent of Jesus was in 1874, not 1914! This teaching on 1874 was still being taught by the Watchtower Society well into the late 30′s. Yes, this is a conversation that just never happened.

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